4 EASY HAIRSTYLES with Voloom | Everyday Hairstyles

In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial video, learn how to do 4 easy, lazy hairstyles for dirty, greasy hair. Today, we’re going to create a voluminous, fancy ponytail, a boho Bardot half-up half-down updo with braids, and a messy braided bun for medium or long hair lengths

In the first part of the tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the exciting Voloom iron to create an instant lift to your second or third-day hair. Voloom iron will work on every hair texture, thick or on thin hair, you’ll definitely find a use for this iron. I am in awe!

The first, bed head hairstyle looks great on all facial shapes, round, square, long, and so on, whether you have straight, curly, wavy, or have layered hair, since we all look great with a lot of volume in our hair.

Second hairstyle is a Brigitte Bardot inspired, half-updo with boho braids. I added 2 normal braids with a dutch braided headband on my long, loose waves.

Third hairstyle is an easy, crisscross ponytail that’ll take you 5 minutes to do. I love this cute hairstyle because it can also be worn to a fancy party for the holidays, weddings, proms, homecomings, and so on.

Last braided updo style is simply another way to braid your hair to create a messy, low bun in 3 minutes for when you’re running late.


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  1. I like the first and last hairstyle awesome

  2. is your code still good?!?! omg idk how I missed this!!!

  3. You could just use an old school crimper. Same effect 🙂

  4. what do u use to tame all the little frizzi hairs that stick up ???

  5. I have flat stick straight hair I need it

  6. Loved all the hairstyles and ur hair too:p keep posting more:p

  7. this tutorial makes me feel enthusiastic about my hair! thank you!

  8. I really liked the last one. I am definitely going to try it!

  9. what did u use for thicken the hair? i have very thin hair and can see my hair lines. i think u mentioned it before but i forgot.. please thanks . i like ur hair videos 🙂

  10. Hey dear,i just love all your hiarstyles. Thank you so so much. Big hugs 🙂

  11. Love these ones! thanks, truly helpful. 😉

  12. What is the Christmas song called?

  13. i love your hairstyles, they are so easy and simple… i love your channel you are the mrs awsomness

  14. Hey tina! I really like u
    I want my hair to look healthy like yours
    So can u suggest some oil or something else fou my hair??

  15. whats the name on the beginning song?

  16. Hi you got a new subscriber:)

  17. I love the way you did your hair. Can I request, Tina? Can you teach me how to do the simple hairstyle for a bride? Thank you 🙂

  18. i love all the hairstyles they look so easy to do and so fashion 🙂

  19. Hey girl, wondering what length/colour swatch your extensions are?  I'm looking to get ombre extensions as well and this is the right colour for me!  Any suggestions on where to get them from?  Thanks for the tutorial, this totally works!

  20. Can you make a vid for straight hair because these usually only work on curly or thicker hair

  21. Do you have anything for beginners? Thanks

  22. Does anyone else think she sounds a bit like luxy hair

  23. I love you and your videos keep it up oh and if you haven't given it away the voolom can I please have it they must be expensive and then a whole much money so please please please please ???


  25. ive been using crimpers instead of the voloom for years then you brush out the crimped area underneath the hair and its mega volume!

  26. Oh that looks amazing!!! I would love LOVE to give one to my mom because she her hair is really thin and she can't do too much with it and she always says she feels old. I feel bad for her and if I won this I would give it to her and maybe she will feel pretty and younger and would be happy with the way her hair looks:) thank you for all the videos:) xoxo

  27. Hi Tina,
    You are so gorgeous. And your hair color is amazing. I so wish my hair was like yours. Thanks for the video

  28. you could really see it on the ponytail

  29. I don't have a curler and I really want one please:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  30. Hey can u tell me how I get a hold of the Voloom in the UK , thanks for cool hairstyles X

  31. what is the song she was playing please anybody answer

  32. Don't see the point in the first part cuz you aren't getting to the hairstyles until the end. I think it isn't a good video.

  33. hey Tina!!! realy lovd all ur hairstyles!! But please I want to know how to straighten hair without heat?? can u please help??

  34. Where do you come from I love your accent

  35. Uhmmmm.bebop. ……….mmmhmmm we app ftp Phil again industrials lobby bjjjjj

  36. Hi Tina I would like to ask about Voloom do they ship to Australia?

  37. your makeup is so on point, can you please do a tutorial? 🙂

  38. Hi! I just wanted to know what that electric monitor thing is that you use to look at the back of your hair. Btw, I love your channel and hairstyles!! Could you maybe do hairstyles with a fringe and ways to jazz up your ponytail. Thank you MakeupWearables!! xxx

  39. So beautiful .. and your'e so nice i love you.. well done ♥

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