4 Easy Holiday Party Hairstyles – Hair Tutorial

Here’s a hair tutorial on 4 easy holiday party hairstyles! With parties coming up this hair how to ought to make getting ready quick and simple!

Picking the right hairstyle can be hard, but I’ve got you! From braids, half up half down, buns, and wacky Christmas hair it’s pretty much all here.

★What I’m Wearing★

  • Christmas Dinner:
    Dress: Honestly I don’t remember
    Chokers: Zara
  • Glam Boheme:
    Dress: Zara
    Wire: Michaels (Bead Landing™ 16-Gauge Flat Wire)
  • Minimalist Bun:
    Dress: BCBG
    Earrings: Zara
    Hair Comb: Chloe + Isabel with Jen Atkin
  • Tacky Christmas:
    Sweater: Asos.com
    Lights: Philips 30 ct Dewdrop Battery-Operated Fairy String Lights


  1. I love these!! I especially like the lit up Christmas tree with lights it's super cute and creative

  2. dude i love that christmas tree hairstyle

  3. I just like to look at her. ?

  4. These holiday hairstyles are amazing!! I love them ????

  5. Oh my gosh, the tree is hysterical! I love it!

  6. But how do i get those perfect curls for the Christmas dinner one!!?

  7. Great video. I'm going to do the first one for my birthday!
    Is your hair colour balayage? What do you ask for to get this colour and tone? It's lovely.

  8. I am dying from that last one. Hahaha!

  9. Wow, I love that hack with the lights. Awesome idea! I'd really like to see more "crazy" hairstyles like that.

  10. The LED light bun is a really great idea during at outdoor in the dark!

  11. How amazing were those hairstyles, I loved them.

  12. only you can Rock a hairstyle with lights ??the best ??

  13. I need to rewatch your diy choker video again because I'm def wearing the first outfit to my holiday party Thursday ?☃️❄️

  14. can you do morning christmas hairstyles

  15. I loved all these, especially the last one! Way to go, KM! ??

  16. Kayley! I love all of the hairstyles but my dry winter hair is just saddening me D: how do I control it?

  17. the hair styles with light so cute

  18. Can you do a flipped braid tutorial?

  19. Your hair is becoming darker again… are you planning on highlighting it again? 🙂

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