In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial video, learn how to create 4 quick & easy, back-to-school hairstyles for short, medium, or long hair lengths. All of these cute hairstyles were created with teenager’s style, trend, and fashion in mind.

These casual hairstyles are for straight, curly, or kinky hair, and will take you less than 5 minutes to do. Perfect for when you’re running late for school or work, or even as a second day hair.


  1. you are very beautiful ❤ stay blessed 🙂

  2. u r really good …. don't forget to make new vedios …best of luck my dear friend ..???

  3. hey dear u r superb n ur hairstyles are flawless n amazing I like ur videos n u so much….?

  4. When ur hair's too long and ur too lazy

  5. i love the first one just tries it out and it suits me the best

  6. How you made that bun in your 3rd hairstyle ?

  7. please could u tell me what hair treatment u have taken??

  8. Oh I just watched this right now and in the first hairstyle after I watched it I subscribed <3

  9. You state on a different video that you will release the name of the shampoo that you was using to make your hair pretty shine!!! What is the name!!!

  10. beautiful, do you think it would work with extensions ?

  11. damn…she does a lot of promotion

  12. Am I the only ones that think those little electrick something something a little creepy?

  13. whts her instagram accnt name ????

  14. hello what hair style should i do is i am going to birthday

  15. plz show us hairstyle for short hair

  16. It's good and very nice I love it

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