4 EZ DIY Hand Painted Valentine’s Nail Art

Suzie has fun hand painting 4 Nail Art Designs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Every time she says "hello I'm Suzy" I say hi back lol

  2. Where did she get that bedazzled roller that she rests her hand on?

  3. Suzie can you do the reverse forms that naionails has been talking about recently

  4. I think with the half heart what you could have done is make the other side a cut out so it’d be the white underneath just showing. It’d look like you took scissors and cut half of the heart out of pink cardboard paper to make a card.

  5. Does anybody know the opening song? xD

  6. I found you bc of Jenna Marbles. Love her. Am in love with you. I agree with others: you are the Bob Ross of nails. Your voice is so soothing and you're very creative and skilled. I also like cameraman ? you seem to have a good rapport. Thanks for making these videos! Love, Suzi (no "e"). ?

  7. Love this Suzie!! Thanks for sharing ♡♡

  8. Suzie should collab with @Simply Nailogical

  9. "so now I'm just tryna fix my heart" ?? all of us

  10. I think it would be fun to have Camera-man do Suzie’s nails!

  11. What would you recommend for someone that wants to grow their nails? Should I consider gel or acrylic overlay? I don’t know where to start! ☹️

  12. Camera man, camera man do the nails!

  13. Suzie can you please do a video on oderless vs traditional monomer and explain the upside and downside of each?

  14. you should of left the glitter me white but on the glitter side you should of done a white heart soo it could of been half glitter nd half white heart ?

  15. The heart on your middle finger would of looked better if the other half was white. ☺️

  16. I 100% want to see camera man apply acrylic and nail polish!

  17. super cute Suzie. Love your channel

  18. Can u use a clear gel topcoat over regular nail polish? Or does gel need to stay with gel and polish with polish?

  19. Suzie, really nice Valentine's Day nail art designs. For the negative space design, would acrylic paint work as well if you can't get the gel paint?

  20. Absolutely gorgeous as always Suzie ?❤❤

  21. I never will do my own nails, but I love watching this channel.

  22. I thought she was gonna reflect the ugly one with a white half lol

  23. Suzie is rocking the dots! Just like minnie mouse ?

  24. This is so pretty ? I love Valentines! ?? Quick question, why didn’t you use a gel top coat over the nail polish? Does it not work over that? xo

  25. I was hoping you would have put a white half heart on the other side of the pink glittery one. But I love the outcome of the finished product

  26. Hi Suzie can you do a MMA/EMA (I think that’s what it is) acrylic video? As I started researching I found a bit of videos and blogs about it but I’m still unsure.

  27. I'm with you Suzie! Pink and red is only for February, otherwise it's so yuck!


  29. Christine needs that white polish. X

  30. I would love to see you do camera mans nails! Long stilettos??

  31. I think I u would've made the other half of the heart white

  32. Your so calming, could use your Zen through life – not just nails – Thank you

  33. the negative space one was soooo cute

  34. It would've been cute if you had your almond nails and the tip of them would be the tip of a heart!

  35. I don't wear pink.. at all!!!

  36. Love these designs! My favorite is the "Love" design.

  37. I like so much the designs ?

  38. For those of us who can’t hand paint or don’t have gel paint, there are lots of videos on making your own heart decals to paint over and remove. Love this simple but festive look. Also the un- or intentional love puns: hearts are forgiving 🙂

  39. So talented ? I could never do this I have the world's shakiest hands I swear


  41. That design she didn't like was a bit… Half-hearted. 😀 😀 😀

  42. Happy early Valentine's Day, Suzie! Those designs are sweet. Please give some tips about how you make the polish near the cuticle look so nice.

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