4 GLUTE PUMP Exercises That Work! | Get Bigger Glutes At-Home

Want to get a to quick butt workout before heading out to school or work? Use this quick routine. It’s a 9 minute glute workout you can do anywhere. However, if you have more time, do the entire routine 2 times for maximum glute pump.


  1. Loveee your videos… I only follow them… ? Can you do a video on toned legs… I dont want to lose fat like crazy… Im short and bulky but want to tone my legs more… Please help… Ps keep up the good work?

  2. Ill start on monday…. I didnt say what monday tho

  3. Can you guys put which muscles each workout targets??

  4. Like it. Will it grow thighs as well??

  5. Let me start mine tomorrow morning…

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