4 Great Ideas of Exercise for Seniors to Stay Fit and Live Long

Exercise for seniors may not sound as necessary as the exercise for young age people. but it is even more important to do exercise on a regular basis when you are grown up.

Seniors aged over sixty may enhance their living age by working out on a regular basis and staying physically active. By making an exercise plan that features exercises to build strength, endurance, and balance, seniors might help minimize the danger of falling. Not just that, exercise on a regular basis will lower the probabilities of developing arthritis and chronic diseases like diabetic and heart attack.

We have enlisted 4 of the great ideas of exercise for seniors. these exercise ideas will help them stay fit and healthy and ensure a long life.

4 Great Ideal Exercise Seniors Stay Fit Live Long

Top 4 Exercise for Seniors:

  1. Aerobic Activities

Aerobics enhance your stamina, help improve the performance of your heart and lungs and maintain weight as well. Do an aerobic at a moderately intense level for a half-hour 5-7 days a week. Walking, swimming, bicycling, jogging and low-impact aerobic classes are ideal aerobic activities that enhance your heart and breathing rates for an extended time. sweeping, dancing and raking leaves help burn calories and increase your heart rate. Don’t overdo it initially and begin by doing 5-10 minutes at a time; then slowly go for the suggested half-hour of activity.

  1. Stretches

Stretching before an exercise reduces the chance of injury and ready up your body for additional tough exercises. Stretch slowly — don’t bounce and stop if the stretch gets painful. In order to loosen the muscles in your thighs –the quadriceps — lean against a wall, grab your foot and try to pull your heel in the direction of your buttock. lean your forearms against a wall, it will stretch your calf. Take a step back with the other foot, straighten the leg and bend the front leg a bit. Repeat it on the other foot.

  1. Strength Training

strength exercises could help minimize the symptoms of arthritisdiabetes, and osteoporosis. It also eases lower back pain.Use your body weight, resistance bands or small hand weights to strengthen the muscles. Strengthen arms by exercising chair dips. Sit in a chair with armrests. Gradually get up off the chair with raising your arms and hold for a second; then lower your body back into the chair.

4.Balance Exercises

Balance exercises help prevent falls that cause break the hips and other life-harming injuries, by raising your ability to ensure the proper functions of your body. stand on one foot while holding onto a chair. Keep this position for ten seconds. it will Improve your balance. Repeat this for ten to fifteen times on both legs. Walk heel to toe — putting a foot facing in front of the opposite for twenty paces — it helps with balance problems. Perform the balance walk by raising the shoulder to arms height, concentrate on a spot ahead of you and walk slowly by raising your back leg toward the chest. Pause for a second before putting the next step. Repeat this for twenty paces.