4-Minute 3-Day Workout That’ll Transform Your Body

We’ve found a simple 3-day exercise plan that’ll work wonders for your body, especially around your tummy, with just 3 to 5 minutes of practice a day.

Save this video to your favorites so that you can go back to this workout every now and then. All of the exercises in our workout are aimed at targeting your core. The core is made up of your abdominal, lower back, pelvis, and glut muscles. Many of us deal with back pain on a regular basis, yet not everyone knows that chronic back pain can be a side effect of a weak core. Therefore, strengthening the core muscles will help make your back way stronger and pain-free. Start doing these exercises on a daily basis, and you’ll kill two birds with one stone: get your body in the shape you’ve always dreamt of while kicking annoying back pain to the curb.


  • Day 1 0:32
  • Day 2 5:24
  • Day 3 11:06
  • Bonus 16:56


  • The exercises for the first day will be: the skyscraper, the windshield wiper, ad army crawls. With a strengthened core and upper body, you might just achieve the body of a real soldier.
  • Day 2 will consist of 4 exercises that are a little more difficult: the breakdancer, the skydiver, the dead bug, and threading the needle. These exercises will significantly strengthen your shoulders, arms, and legs while improving your cardiovascular fitness and also engage your lower back muscles and your buttocks.
  • On Day 3, you’ll be doing 4 exercises again: crab kicks into Superman, star leg raise, side v-ups, and under and over. All these exercises develop core strength and tone your legs and abdominals. It’s proven they’ll be incredibly effective and beneficial for achieving a desired slim physique.
  • Here’s some great news: strengthening the core muscles will help make your back way stronger and pain-free.


  1. Did anyone get results ??????

  2. My stomach is hecka big.. i dont like it

  3. Ill try this tomorrow and ill update u guys for tge next 3 days

  4. I'm amazed the like-to-dislike ratio is so high. You can't get results in 3 days. Even if you do something ridiculous like a 12 hour march every day combined with no food you'll still only lose a couple kilos.

  5. it works if you do all the 11 excercises twice a day. I feel my upper body stonger and my obliques more defined


  7. Does it work, Comment Down Below.

  8. Is this actually effective?

  9. you d better stop bulls#ting people with these clickbaits. let’s see your results with these exercises first (which there are none)

  10. Guys it's only 18 mins because it's telling u what to do in the title it never said 4 minute video did it AND since we do it for 3 days it's telling the others exercises

  11. Today i did these exercises of the Day1…
    Its feels really amazing looks like i might transform doing this
    Everyone should belive in Bright Side

  12. why I can't straight my leg when I do the windshield wipers

  13. Cause they add other things in to make it longer

  14. Wow. I can barely wash myself. Lol

  15. I've done this for two days now…. Nothing is happening…. I guess I'll do it till the end…. SO GUYS I THINK THIS DOESNT WORK

  16. Can honestly say after doing these twice a day for 2 days… as expected… NO VISUAL DIFFERENCE but maybe the magic happens on Day 3 (yeah sure it will… and pigs fly)

  17. Hlo…its a super nice work out ….if i could see a demo by any trainer or human instead of dolls …it would better…try to show these workouts by live

  18. I didn’t see an obvious difference

  19. Ok no joke i think this worked

  20. Couldn't do the crab kicks into superman

  21. I have done this and I have seen no change in 3 days I will carry on for a couple more days!!

  22. Wow I feel much slimmer now!!

  23. I want to know if there are special exercises for people who have herniated disc (hernie discale)!? If yes, would you like to post a video of those exercises?! I will appreciate it.. thank you in advance

  24. This is probably very good for your body, but i really doubt we'll need only 3 days

  25. After 3 days we will see dislikes are more than likes

  26. if you eat lot of pizza and cheese burgers you definitely get a six pack abs and a great good looking body

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