4-Minute Workout That Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym

An exhausting workout in the gym doesn’t suit everyone, and, let’s be honest, sometimes we have no time for it. Quick interval training is really effective. Try these five simple exercises that will take you just 5 minutes.


  1. Honeslty lifting weights is less tiring than this. Lift weights for 30 minutes each day, so do 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening. Do this for a few days and only eat salads, and walk up and down the stairs 4-5 times in the afternoon. Its a pretty good thing.

  2. can anyone tell me…is there any special diet plan for this work out?

  3. [º¬º]/ Im 13 and i dont know how much i weigh..

  4. You do 4 mins of work its going to show youve only done 4 mins

  5. Part of the challenge with pursuing any workout routine is just getting started! 5 minutes is totally manageable and for the past 3 days I’ve worked it into my day, and feel absolutely great! It’s increased my energy, focus, and happiness level. Thanks for sharing?

  6. I feel like everyone of my gym teachers watched this video

  7. I realized that the group of women in the first scene of the jumping jacks were wrong 🙂 it was funny that they were smiling and doesn't care that they are doing it wrong. (I would do the same for the money)

  8. Everyone one of these I see, there’s always push ups but I can’t do them at all, I have no upper body strength whatsoever.

  9. This isn't "1 hour in the Gym" but, it's good!

  10. "Does 20 seconds of the first exercise" Ok I'm done! going to eat 20 gallons of ice cream now.

  11. Thank you you really help me i love your video and you from my heart your awesome and this training is really awesome and he help me i lo ve you

  12. Dude you helped me and my little sis thank

  13. This helped get me ready for the PFT thanks

  14. Lovely! I regret missing this video for so long..

  15. I have another method…
    You have to jog everyday for two week none stop for 30 minutes or more… And then check the result… It's good tho… A guy did an experiment about it and it's work you will lose 3 kg in two weeks…

  16. how many calories does this burn??

  17. I'm gonna try it for 1 month and I'll let you guys know how it went?

  18. Day1 : ✅
    However I wouldn’t lie about ruining it all from the 2nd step??
    Hopefully I would do better in days to come ..
    Would update my progress here

  19. so when i do these exercises..should i do diet ?

  20. I do this exercises 6 time in day and I lose 1 kg

  21. Very useful…i'll do it from today

  22. Ayyy good video! I just found your channel and subbed! If you're down to join our community of smaller channels and just support each other, let's get it!

  23. I’m 11 almost 12, I started with about 40 kg. I did this for a whole week and I lost 4 kg. I didn’t even go on a diet. Now my weight is 36 kg. Thank you so much Bright Side!

  24. this is my 3rd day n I'm really exhausted…

  25. Cool.Now I know what I can make every day…?
    Hope I will have this summer a better feeling/body ?


  27. Look at my profile picture.

    Thats the result of this exercise.

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