4 Our Best Workouts That Replace 1 Hour In the Gym

In case you want to get the perfect body and stay in shape with no diets or workouts at the gym, we have something just for you. We have put together a set of 4 workouts that are super simple yet effective and work 100 % of the time when it comes to building the body of your dreams and losing even the most stubborn fat. Save this video to your favorites to go back to it easily and get the best workout that will replace hours in the gym.

We’ll work on losing thigh fat and slimming down your legs. Then, you’ll try out a 5-minute workout that can replace high intensity cardio and another workout that lets you burn calories in a short period due to its quick pace.


  • 5 Simple Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat Fast 0:12
  • A 3-Minute Workout Before Sleep to Slim Down Your Legs 10:17
  • A 5-Minute Workout That Replaces High Intensity Cardio 17:11
  • A 4-Minute Workout That Replaces an Hour in the Gym 28:11