4 Our Best Workouts That Replace 1 Hour In the Gym

In case you want to get the perfect body and stay in shape with no diets or workouts at the gym, we have something just for you. We have put together a set of 4 workouts that are super simple yet effective and work 100 % of the time when it comes to building the body of your dreams and losing even the most stubborn fat. Save this video to your favorites to go back to it easily and get the best workout that will replace hours in the gym.

We’ll work on losing thigh fat and slimming down your legs. Then, you’ll try out a 5-minute workout that can replace high intensity cardio and another workout that lets you burn calories in a short period due to its quick pace.


  • 5 Simple Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat Fast 0:12
  • A 3-Minute Workout Before Sleep to Slim Down Your Legs 10:17
  • A 5-Minute Workout That Replaces High Intensity Cardio 17:11
  • A 4-Minute Workout That Replaces an Hour in the Gym 28:11


  1. incorrect grammer it should be "4 OF our best workouts" and not "4 our best workouts".

  2. 4 OF our best workouts that replaces 1 hour in the gym

  3. The single leg circle is wrong??
    The title should have been"our 4 best workouts…."

  4. Surely iam NOT GOING TO FOLLOW THIS ????????

  5. A bit difficult for a beginner like me as I think the postures matter a lot and without an instructor I would end up doing it all wrong.

  6. Why is this channel clickbaitng so much

  7. Are yar mota hone ke liye kuch batao

  8. Can u give me workouts that replace two hours in the gym ? cuz that’s how long I usually go ?

  9. you mashed up all the videos very nice..so that we could just do all the things in a single video….thanks!

  10. This channel inspired me to start my own channel!

  11. There is a hungarian youtuber who is stealing your videos (not just yours) and he doesn't even mention that the video was someone else's video. Please guys go and report him

  12. Can i do this at the every evening??

  13. I did not do it cause I was in pain but I will do it one it’s Saturday or Sunday

  14. You forgot the "of" in the title…

  15. Oh….there is a lot a exercise in this video. ….thanks ?

  16. Can't watch video buffering too much

  17. Stop with the 1st, no one is the 1st, the creator always is first watching this. (By the creator i mean the one that eddited the video.) And also, saying ur 1st is worthless.

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  19. Caloric balance, Nutrition Balance, Sleep Balance, Compound Training.

  20. 37m seriously? Can anyone watch the full video?

  21. I love ur videos they are so inspiring

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