4 Upper Body Workouts For Women | Exercises That FIRM and LIFT Your Breasts!

The main reason for upper body workouts for most women isn’t just to get well toned arms alone but also to get firm and toned breasts.

There tons of various workouts that can be used to lift your breast but there are some that just do a better job at giving you well toned upper body. In this video, you will learn the 4 main workouts that are mainly geared towards lifting and firming your breast naturally. If you have tried many breast enhancing products and systems an haven’t gotten any results then this is what you need. Its safe, free and is proven to lift and firm breasts within a couple weeks of doing then routine for at least 3-4 times a week.

The only thing this will require from you is commitment and dedication, if you put in the effort these upper body workouts will give you some great results.


  1. Mam kya ye exercise 17 saal ki ladki kar sakti hai pls pls tell me

  2. im going to start doing this Monday July 31st, I will update when I see dramatic difference, before and after pictures!
    btw im 15yrs old and this is my mom's email because I dont have an email.

  3. Does this increase your breast size ?

  4. my boobs were big now they are huuuuuuuge and my nipple are hard after finishing weird fact but it's really helpful for breast sagging

  5. dude I bet the 17 dislikes are probably the people who did it one day and expected results the next

  6. does this really works? for a small boobs?

  7. any exercise that can increase breast size?? :3

  8. wat is mean by 3set n 10 reps

  9. guys I lost a size and i look like i have no tits now how can i do

  10. Does this make your Brest bigger?

  11. idk why but I laughed at the ending with all the girls breast jumping up and down?

  12. I am sorry my English is not very good ! what does Reps means ?

  13. Will this make my boobs smaller

  14. Just jeorgous moves for the boobs! Thanks so much! ??

  15. Can u do a bk toning video for bk fat? Toning for the upper and lower bk

  16. Is there any workouts for the shoulder and back… to improve posture?

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