4 Way International Desserts | World Food Ideas | Dessert Ideas From Around The World !

Learn how to make these international desserts with this super easy DIY video.

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  1. It says the dessert is Italian, yet nothing is more American than deep frying things.

  2. Can someone give me the link of the music, please? Thanks for your help!?❤?

  3. Why couldn’t the Italy one be like a cannoli, or spaghetti ice cream.

  4. This video is fake because here in Italy we have another tipe of zeppole.

  5. I seriously thought this was tasty.

  6. Mmmm , les crêpes , j ' adooore !

  7. the song that you put it's very beutiful

  8. can u make any dessert from India?

  9. You should do koeksisters from south africa

  10. i liked the Italian dessert

  11. i like the italy and the France one!

  12. Brigadeiro don't have coconut flakes and almonds slices.

  13. Can you please try make a Poland dessert

  14. OMG! My grandma makes brigadeiros and they are so bomb!????


  16. Brigadeiro bealtiful *my Brazil

  17. I think their trying to make us fatter than we already are with all the recipes?

  18. i ate much brigadeiro at the B-days

  19. I AM Brazilian :3 i know how speak english :p

  20. Please do more International desserts! ❤️

  21. Zeppole

  22. А я думала, что из русских блюд будет доширак))

  23. Sadly I only wach the videos but I don’t make it

  24. Im italian so im happy Italy's dessert was first

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