4 Workouts That Widen Your Hips and Enhance Your Booty!

4 Workouts That Widen Your Hips and Enhance Your Booty!

  1. Mini- Band Lateral Walk
    Get a light tubing or theraband and place the band around either ankles or feet. Try to keep a slight bend in the knees. You want to side step against the resistance of the band, you will feel the burn in your glutes and the tensor fasciae latae which is a major muscle in the hips. Repeat for 30-60 seconds each leg.
  2. Leg Lifts
    Lay down on the ground on the side of your body. Lift and push one of your legs up, as high as you can while tensing your outer thigh. In a slow and controllable manner lower your leg. Do 10 repetitions and switch to other leg. Perform 3 sets of this exercise.
  3. Mini Band Monster Walk
    Bend your legs slightly and use glutes to step inwards and then outwards, keep tension on the theraband or tubing. Do not allow your hips to rotate excessively.
  4. Side Lunges
    Standing with legs shoulder width apart. Step to the side with one leg as far as you can and bend your knee until you get to the 90 degree angle. Push back up dynamically, keeping your abs contracted and your back straight. Repeat 15 times on each leg.

There you have it, no matter how busy your day is you can incorporate at least 2 of these exercises into your schedule and you will be amazed at the end results, wider defined hips and a toned bigger butt. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

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  1. Just tryna lose belly fat and tone my arms (:

  2. I used to weigh about 130 now im 148 ): i am working out now but i dont wanna lose my 'thick thighs' and i wanna gain bigger hips and butt ((:any suggestions that can help me?? ❤

  3. Who else is scrolling through the comments to see if this worked

  4. You should looking for Unflexal if you'd like to get best workouts guide.

  5. (Me looking at the picture)
    Me: Why lord!! Why cant i be like that?
    Positive me: u can!! Patience and discipline is key
    Negative me: as if! The only option here is surgery!

  6. Hi I've been doing this for a month , every night and every morning and I'm happy with my hip size this works alot

  7. please
    how many times per week should i exercise

  8. do you have to do warm ups before this and stretch out after??

  9. Not only does this video helps me to widen hips, but I can't stop singing along the music with The Real theme song

  10. just got instructions from Unflexal and I'm ready for the my training 😀

  11. cmon guys we can do it. no more excuses. nobody cares what your excuse is anyways, work harder . we got this.

  12. anybody know if the leg lifts itself (with more repetitions/sets obviously) would be effective in widening my hips?

  13. Amazing WO. I'm new here and I'm not going nowhere. I enjoyed every bit of this WO. As a matter of fact, I can still feel the burning in my butt. lol.. It's for good anyway. thumbs up.

  14. di anyone of you think man with wide hip better that thin hips?

  15. I need big sharp can you helpme?

  16. I wanna get bigger hips but have bigger legs as well , if I do these along with squat exercises will it help , and has anyone had success with getting bigger hips doin these exercises? ♡♡♡

  17. does this really work? because I want to try it . now that I don't gain weight

  18. Should I do it because I have hip dips?

  19. In order for these exercises to fully work you have to feed your muscles with foods high in protein and healthy fats including eggs, fish (especially salmon), certain dairy products, nuts (especially walnuts and pistachios), avocados, etc. By incorporating this into your diet, you will actually be encouraging growth in those areas.

    Hope this helps!

  20. Will this decrease hips? Because don't you exercise to lose weight or unwanted fat?

  21. I am gonna start a journey.
    I'm 5"7 & 115 lbs i'm gonna try to gain weight but work out to get it in the places I want. I'm gonna do this for a month. Posting weekly ❤

  22. How long does it take to have bigger hips

  23. my waist is so tiny but My hips aren't that wide I really want wider hips ?

  24. I absolutely hate my body! I am an upside down triangle! Any solutions?

  25. I have a bigger chest size but I just want to be even all over ? Like a little bit of tummy fat, more butt fat, hip fat, thigh fat .. Anyone else feel my pain ??

  26. I'm just doing this because I am tall, but have super skinny legs. Do you think this will add on to the thighs a bit and the calfs and legs, just a bit? Because Im tired if wearing shorts that only fit my hips and waist, but are loose around my thighs. Its a pet peeve of mine :/

  27. can you please do a video aboit how to reduce your thigh fat,

  28. sooo will this work if i have hip dips lol

  29. This is so helpful thank you! I have average width hips (as in the bones just below the waistline) but I'm pretty narrow in the upper thigh/glut area so it looks kinda weird. This helps balance them out, thank you!

  30. Am i considered curvy if my waist is 19 inches and my hips are 32 inches?

  31. can you do a workout that makes your calves bigger much love?

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