Scarves are one of the most favorite accessories for almost every girl. The scarf is the most versatile item in your closet as this one piece of fabric can literally be worn a million and one ways. You have a lot of scarves but they look boring? Or you are tired of wearing your scarf the same old way? Most of us only know a few ways to wear a scarf, but there are actually many that will give you added style with this simple garment. Check out our collection of tutorial on how to tie scarves easily and look fabulous.

You will learn how to turn your scarf into the stylish top in 5 minutes, summer dress, skirt and beach bag! Also, you will learn how to wear scarves in winter to look flawless!
If you have backless dresses and donโ€™t want to spend money on a new bra watch our video to find fantastic lifehack!

Old t-shirts could be transformed into a fancy cardigan even if you have basic sewing skills.
Transform old panties into the no-stitch top using scissors! Sounds crazy? Check out our video!
Reuse your boyfriend’s shirt and create a new stylish no-sew dress. Find out how to shorten a belt in 5 minutes! Maybe your favorite pair has stretched out and lost its shape, the best way to shrink jeans is to boil them in a pot! Heat a large pot of water until it reaches a rolling boil, then toss hour jeans in, be sure they are fully submerged. Leave them boiling for ten minutes, drain as much as possible, and then dry on high heat. You will look fabulous again in your favorite pair stretches. Besides, learn how to dry your jeans in 5 minutes using the bottle of cola!

Transform your old into cool new items like a backpack or just upgrade using bleach to make your favorite pair more fashionable!

Grab your scissors and create a fancy top from your old pair of jeans! Reuse your old clothes as itโ€™s the way to help the environment by reducing waste and save money.
As a bonus, find the way to how to make regular pants into maternity pants.


  • 00:05 Scarf ideas
  • 07:38 Open back dress trick
  • 08:25 No-stitch top
  • 09:02 How to shorten a belt
  • 10:54 Old jeans bag
  • 11:55 One minute fancy top


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