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  2. natalie outlet has the same thumbnail

  3. how many time to use for face on ten effect

  4. 39:00 anyone thought her smile looked wierd you you like if you agree with me ??

  5. Wow!!!!
    40 hacks in 1 hour

  6. That girl is beautiful in the day in a heel exercise

  7. who think's this channel is a bit repeated..?

  8. were do you get glowing pant

  9. "pick up toys with your feet" lol ok it works but i started laughing

  10. Это видео из канала Natalies Outlet вы воры

  11. Ta babka w 24minucie jest gupia

  12. mujhe hand se lakar neck mai dard hota hai jab mai soti hu kuch asa bolo jisay mujhe thk hoga

  13. Just an FYI, the "6 exercises you can do in bed", you can't do them in a loft bed…

  14. llol are any of your vids actually 5 minutes

  15. At 0:40 that not cream that toothpaste like this comenet if you agree

  16. Whats the lip thing supposed to do?

  17. Who reads comment while watching

  18. This girl ties the most perfect bows!

  19. It sais beaty life hacks but it clothes HACKS

  20. Who tried the first one? Does it work??

  21. these some time they do not work
    lol i hate it when it does not work

  22. his. this is. the. best. vid. we. wached

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