​​Brilliant sewing tips

​When it comes to sewing, there are never enough hacks that you can learn, especially if you are a beginner. Sometimes you need to discover new ways to fix your clothes or even decorate your clothes faster in order to renew them faster. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing hacks that will save you a tone of time and that will make you enjoy sewing more than you expect.

– To prevent your wool knit from getting tangles while you are working with it, we found an awesome hack to help you using office supplies. You simply place the wool knit through the wholes of your binder clip and then you attach it on the edge of your bowl. Then, you place your wool knit inside the plate and voila.

– If you love pom-poms and you are trying to find an easy way to create them follow our little hack. Simply place your wool knit through a fork and then when you believe your pom-pom is thick enough tie a small piece of wool knit through the middle. Finally, you cut both sides of wool knit and you trim it to make it look even.

– In addition to the sewing tips we have, we also have awesome needlepoint tricks that you will find extremely useful when you are working or doing crochet patterns. We show you how to store your wool knit to prevent it from getting tangled and we show you an awesome way to mark your fabrics using soap.

– If you are looking for a way to sew something on yourself but it gets too difficult to do it. Try out this little hack we have for you. Wear a plain white shirt and then take some industrial tape and cover the upper part of your body with it as tightly as possible. (in order to get your measurements accurately). Then, cut it from the back in order to remove it and then stick it back together with one long stripe of masking tape. After that, stuff it with some cotton and seal the bottom of it. This way you’ll have your very own mannequin to practice on that has the exact same figure as you.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing hacks and tutorials that are proven lifesavers. For example, we show you how to join two patterns together as an extension, how to make your very own sewing traveling kit. In addition to those, we demonstrate perfect hand embroidery tutorials that will make you feel in love with embroidery in general.

0:49 – DIY pom-poms
1:38 – Soap hack
2:46 – Ironing trick
3:39 – How to join patterns together
4:53 – Chopsticks and ribbon trick
7:26 – Awesome embroidery design
8:19 – Brilliant sewing hack
10:30 – How to sew on a straight line
11:54 – Beautiful daisy
12:58 – How to fix your leggings