45-Minute Abs, Ass, and Attitude Workout

This 45-minute workout from celebrity trainer Astrid Swan will tone your abs and booty, but also leave you feeling extra sassy.

  • On Astrid: Kira Grace top, Goldsheep tights, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • On Anna: Cotton on Body top, Lululemon tights, and Adidas shoes
  • On Joyce: Cotton on Body outfit and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • Corkcicle water bottles
  • Manduka mats

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  1. Anna and Astrid combined is my definition of a great, motivational, efficient, funny, result-bringing workout. love it, thank you!

  2. well i died from this but its fine

  3. What happened to astrid's 10 and 20 minute hiit workouts?? Why did you guys put them on private??

  4. Is there anything in this workout that isn't total agony on knees and elbows i think not

  5. I wish they would state at the beginning of the video which workouts were more beginner levels 🙁 This is nothing compared to Jake's workouts and I feel like my time was kind of wasted. There was too much talking in-between and the sets didn't go as nearly as long as I would've liked, I was honestly pretty bored for most of this video 🙁 But I still love you Popsugar!

  6. Thankyou for this workout..❤❤

  7. Amazing workout!!!Thank youuuuuuu??

  8. Astrid, this was a great workout, but why didn't you introduce Anna and Joyce at the beginning?

  9. how much calories does this work out consume?

  10. Absolutely enjoyed this workout ! Been struggling to find motivation to start working out again. But came back to an Anna and Astrid popsugar workout ! Loved it ! Thank you Anna !! Hope to keep this motivation going !!

  11. This was great. Some really different exercises. Hard work!

  12. How many times I need to repeat it for look like Astrid? 🙂 I loved this workout!

  13. I did it ? it's so hard but worth it ?

  14. I love how this workout makes me feel strong ?
    I'm sweating anf burning but every second of pain was worth it 🙂

  15. Too much stress on the hips the entire workout.

  16. love astrid!!! she's so good at explaining all the moves! Thanks Pop Sugar ❤️?

  17. This is an excellent way to workout and burn fat!!
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  18. Very good…Especially the squat and Plie

  19. Hey guys does this help make you abs stronger and bum smaller? I hate my bottom part of my body and I don't want it to get bigger xxx

  20. This was an awesome workout!!! Really creative!

  21. Nice but a bit too many reps. Would have been good at 30 mins…too much stress leads to weight gain through cortisol. Still great if you're advanced.

  22. Can you do this workout when pregnant?

  23. This was intense! I appreciated the variation in the music as well! Astrid brought some fresh exercises too. Thank you all very much. 45-minute workouts are a special treat.

  24. Great Workout ????? This was one of my favorites ????

  25. I think this was one of the hardest workouts I've done on this site. Astrid kicked my butt! Thanks, Popsugar.

  26. Great workout. Loved how it worked the quads in a major way.

  27. This was challenging but doable. I loved it. She's a great trainer?

  28. how many calories does this burn?? I'm so happy to see Astrid!!!!

  29. Amazing workout!!! Wasn´t too hard, but challenging enough. Just perfect. Also like the quote "If you´re moving, you´re improving". It motivates me so so sooo much! 🙂

  30. That was great! I love Astrid! Miss her on Cosmobody! She's a great instructor!

  31. It would be awsome if you could do some standing workouts please!! Love the videos!!

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