45-Minute Full-Body Toning Workout

Jake DuPree’s toning workout will work your full body in a completely new way. Grab a pair of light weights and get ready to sweat!

  • On Anna: Lorna Jane top, Eagle Rock WERKSHOP tights, and Adidas shoes
  • On Jake: Lululemon and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • On Dre: Mission top, Mira Rae tights, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes

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  1. Yaaaayyyyyyyy. JAKE is BACK AGAIN…. lock him up and don't let him GO this time. We love ALL the others but, he's our FAVORITE…. Right Everybody????? LOL

  2. Need another 1 hr workout with Jake!

  3. No offense – but this guy really gay as fuxk! Couldn’t he just act normally???!!!

  4. Yes I will definitely be doing this tomorrow!!!!! This is my first time watching his video and I love him already ?!! Thank you jake .. Lol

  5. Oooooh, why Jake? Why?! You kilt me – yes, kilt!

  6. jakeeeeee circles, a circles, a tin-y tin-y circles, keep it up-a etc. yes thank you please do another one soooooon xx

  7. It is amaizing! I'm 40 and never had training after getting kids. How can i beginn?

  8. Thumps up if you want 1 hour workout for jake❤

  9. I love this guy!!! Thank you!!

  10. That was amazing! Love circles, and love, Jake! Thank you!!!

  11. I don't understand why is there dislikes on this video

  12. In what fucking world can a fucking human do this. Is Jake even human? tf Maybe one day lmao

  13. Really like his personality, it is the only thing that keeps me going until the end of the clip. More of Jake please 🙂

  14. His voice sounds like raucous .what happened to him

  15. Omg. Jake I finally found someone who loves circles as much as you do.lol Check out Rebeca Pacheco yoga teacher for yoga for runners. Your videos are so great, Fitsugar rocks. Everyone there is amazing!

  16. amazing I couldn't do it all on my first try, but I'm looking forward to doing this again until I can keep up with all!

  17. Great full body toning workout.
    Tough but effective.
    Thank you Jake & Anna.

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout! It works the entire body yet is not too harsh on us older ladies! (I’m 51). So thank you Popsugar for having him as a guest!

  19. Great workout, as always! Love Jake's routines and pacing!

  20. Jack kicks my butt but i love hopefully one dag ill be as flexible and fit as him

  21. Great workout!! “My little chimichangas!” Love him

  22. Hello everyone .. I have IBS and thats making a problem for me of getting rid of my belly, even though I play sports 4-5 times a week .. in the last month I have lost 8 pounds but my belly looks now bigger .. is it fat pr just gases and liquids ? Please help 🙁 how to get rid of that belly 🙁

  23. Thank you Jake foor your great exercises and making me smile during my workout!!! ^^

  24. Loved this workout especially because there were no repeat exercises! Thank you!

  25. Jack would you go straight for me?

  26. If he's my trainer i'm going to have those abs that i desire for a week ?

  27. Awesome workout. I see a bunch of comments asking about calories burned. I wore my heart rate monitor. Female, 120 pounds (calories burned depends to an extent on your weight) and I burned 298. Just FYI. I adore all of Jake’s workouts even if I do have to hit pause. More than once! Thanks!

  28. Super cool workout! Thanks for the fun! I love your style!

  29. Great workout….how many calories do you think we burn?

  30. I love circles, Jake! And I love you! ?

  31. I just did this …it was a challenge however I had fun! I'm adding it to my favorites! Thank you! Jake u make it fun!

  32. i love Jake my god he never stop love you

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