4th of July Glitter Gradient Nails (No Sponging!)

❤ 4th of July Nails! Patriotic Glitter Gradient! Easy Glitter Nail Art! Please SHARE if you enjoyed this video! XOXO



  1. great fashion style for 4 of July. love it ❤❤❤??????

  2. Nice, it reminds me of the Firecracker or Bomb Pop popsicles.

  3. this is sooo pretty…simple yet beautiful tfs 🙂

  4. Ooo these are amazing!! 🙂

    I also wonder how this would work with non-glitter polish!

  5. started looking like a pepsi logo at the beginning lol

  6. Have you done a face reveal? I'm just asking cuz if you have then I really want to watch it!!!

  7. Very cool! Aren't you Canadian though, or am I assuming that because you're sometimes on Sandi's chanel? ? Have a good day! ?

  8. did anyone try it and it work?

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