5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

Nobody dominates digital space like Vloggers do. Their down to earth personalities have made many of them new-age celebrities and the feeling of connectivity has us trusting them when it comes to advice and tutorials.

We scoured the internet for the best and most influential vloggers in the online field and chose five women who are entertaining, informative and offer some of our favourite beauty tips.

1. Zoella

British sweetheart Zoe Sugg is the undisputed queen of YouTube. With 8,559,123 subscribers she dominates the internet and it seems that Vlogging runs in the family; her younger brother Joe has almost 5 million subscribers. At only 25 years of age she is not only a world renowned internet celebrity but is also an author. Her debut novel, Girl Online broke records having ‘the highest selling first week sales of a first time novelist.’ Created in February 2009 her channel gained popularity with her ‘favourites’ videos and tutorials.

With over 10 million views Zoella’s How To: My Quick and Easy Hairstyles is one of her most popular videos. The tone is light and bubbly and Zoe is easily likeable. The video starts with an introduction before she switches to voice over and explains the processes behind 5, easy to follow hairstyles. Zoe takes us through a fishtail braid, messy ponytail, half up do, every day look and curly haired style all while poking fun at herself. She comes across as your little sister and each of her videos are thoroughly entertaining to watch.

Zoe’s Tips:

  • Finish a completed fishtail by spreading and backcombing braids for a messy look.
  • Add sea spray and scrunch hair for added volume.
  • When straightening your hair, flick and twist various sections to define layers.

2. Michelle Phan

With 7,819,379 YouTube subscribers, her own cosmetics line and a mention on the Forbes 30 under 30 list this entrepreneur is well on her way to building her empire. Michelle Phan started her blog in 2005 and uploaded her first YouTube video in 2007 and the progress from her original to most recent videos is enormous.

Originally, the now 28 year old, began with makeup tutorials, followed by character/costume makeup how to videos. Over the past couple of years her channel has taken on a more mature and professional feel and most of her videos these days are filmed in what appears to be a studio. In 2013 Michelle uploaded a Cara Delevingne makeup tutorial which has since gained over 3 million views. The video teaches how to recreate Cara’s signature eyebrows and brown, smoky eyes and it succeeds in doing so. In under 5 minutes you can reinvent your look.

Michelle’s Tips:

  • Use upward strokes and a ‘light touch’ when drawing on eyebrows.
  • To counterbalance darker eye shadows, use a lighter colour in the inner corner and lower lash line.
  • Use a concealer in place of a lip liner to reshape your lips.

3. Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is an Australian Vlogger whose knowledge and occasional slice of Aussie humour has earned her over a million subscribers. She’s made many eye-makeup tutorials and if you’re after a sexy look then she’s the girl to watch.

Sound issues and amateur problems from her first videos have been replaced by truly helpful tips and although she might be known for bombshell ‘how to’ videos, one of her most popular videos informs viewers on how to create an invisible makeup look. My Ultimate ‘I’M NOT WEARING MAKEUP’ Makeup! is a must see for girls who don’t want to go bare to the gym or beach. Chloe explains every product she uses and asks viewers to embrace their flaws.

Chloe’s Tips:

  • Ensure that you prep your skin properly when trying to achieve a ‘no makeup’ look.
  • If you’re wearing makeup every day try to avoid products containing silicon.
  • To keep lashes looking natural apply mascara at the base but not on the ends.

4. In The Frow

Known for her trademark lilac locks, British Vlogger Victoria Magrath is well aware on how to market herself with a Phd in mobile fashion app design. She speaks to her 316,602 subscribers about fashion and makeup and will have you dreaming of a pastel makeover.

Her Everyday Makeup Routine video is informative and although clearly intelligent, Victoria never comes across as arrogant. If Zoella is the adorable little sister, then Victoria is the trendy, older sister. The video is upbeat and there’s an emphasis on applying an everyday look in a quick, no fuss way.

Victoria’s Tips:

  • To keep your makeup light don’t overlap the areas in which you use a primer/concealer and your foundation.
  • For everyday makeup precision doesn’t matter.
  • Line and fill your lips using a lip liner and only apply your lipstick in the centre of your lips.

5. My Pale Skin

We can’t talk about Vloggers without mentioning this brave beauty. Em Ford may only have 209,630 subscribers but her latest video ‘You Look Disgusting’ gained 10 million views in only one week and sparked a global conversation about unrealistic beauty expectations. From the beginning her videos have had a professional look to them and her channel has a clear focus on acne coverage.

Her recent video has inspired millions by challenging conventions and exposing bullies focused on surficial appearances and her tutorials offer girls with blemishes concealing tips to boost their confidence. The Girls Night Out Makeup Tutorial includes a dark lip and matte face.

Em’s Tips:

  • Define your jawline with a contouring powder.
  • After drawing on your eyebrows use a concealer to clean up the edges.
  • Balance dark lips by using fake lashes if needed.