5 Back To School Nail Art Designs!

Go back to school in style with these 5 DIY nail art designs! We’ll have your nails ready for class in no time 🙂 They might even score you an A+ with your new art teacher! What day are you heading back to school? Are you excited to be back to school? Let us know down in the comments!!

Today’s nail art tutorial features 5 iconic symbols of back to school: the pencil, lined paper, ruler, red apple, and chalkboard! Which of these nail art designs is your favorite?




  • Milani – Yellow Whiz
  • Anny – City Walk
  • Revlon – Privileged
  • Milani – Silver Stilettos
  • Milani – Spotlight White
  • DA – Ice Land
  • Sally Hansen – First Kiss
  • Essie – Lilacism
  • Sally Hansen – Good To Grape
  • Hema – # 833
  • Revlon – Fearless
  • OPI – A-Taupe The Space Needle
  • Sinful Colors – Pistache
  • OPI – Front Lawn
  • China Glaze – Liquid Leather
  • White Acrylic Paint

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. going back to school on the 7th September

  2. I go back tomorrow August 17th 2017 so that means I'm in 7th grade ??

  3. Tomorrow I go back to school!

  4. Aug.10 my boyfriends birthday ahhhhh

  5. I go back to school in a few weeks. I attempted this look and it looked like ?????????????????

  6. I go back to school September 8th

  7. I love the ruler and notebook design

  8. no way!!!!?We never give teachers apples in England .Why would we?????????????

  9. I like the pencil and eraser and the paper but I like all

  10. awesome nails but I can't wear them at school cause I'm not allowed:-(

  11. i really like the pencil and paper

  12. love the matth problems caz I love math

  13. I am half way through the first quarter of the schoo, year

  14. i have school tomorrow

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