5 Easy AF Holoween Nail Art looks

For when you want bomb ass nails but you don’t want waste the entire day doing your nails for Halloween aka Holoween

♡PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO (in order, sorta):♡

  • ♥ Holographic nail vinyls: Here
  • ♥ Black polish: Here
  • ♥ Peel-off cuticle tape: Here
  • ♥ Clean-up brush: Here
  • ♥ Red holo polish: Here
  • ♥ Nail art brushes: Here
  • ♥ Acrylic paint: Here
  • ♥ Holographic top coat: Here
  • ♥ Royal blue holo: Here
  • ♥ Navy blue holo: Here
  • ♥ Burgundy holo: Here
  • ♥ Orange holo: Here
  • ♥ Green holo: This with This on top
  • ♥ Peel-off base coat: Here
  • ♥ Quick-dry glossy top coat: Here
  • ♥ ON MY OTHER HAND: Here


  1. Why am I binge watching her videos.. Cristine ur videos are so addictive..


  3. the purple is like that one sesame street character thats purple. hopefully no ones going as sesame street and all going as narwhals.

  4. I was like “hey Cristine this is amazing!” And then you placed the eye of the pumpkin ?

  5. Sees holo vinyls instantly tears up wishing the cries idk I don’t even make sense loels.

  6. Idk why but I really wanna lick/bite her nails….

  7. Simply Nailogical, I finally got holo nail polish

  8. Hum… She's calm? What happened to her?! She's so impacient in the Future!!!!

  9. Didn't the vid say 5 she only did 4

  10. she kinda sounds like the voice actor for grumpy cat

  11. It is not Halloween it’s holoween shut up

  12. Happy holoween yes it is holoween

  13. I remember when I was in kindergarten or first grade I was sick and woke up at 3am to puke and my dad was there. And after that I stayed up watching Barney (Valentine's Day)

  14. I don't have any nails, so I'mma do my mom's nails :3

  15. Seeing you use the tape and not the latex and no peel off base coat AND that you used aciton made me choke!

  16. I watching this 2 days before holoween

  17. Im watching Christine's old videos cause I want the ACTUAL NAIL TUTORIALS

  18. When you can date the video without looking at the actual date by just looking at how yellow her nails are lmfao

  19. Throw back to when she actually did nail videos?? love ya still Christine???

  20. Now I want cristine to do barney nails

  21. I tried this… I had only started painting my thumb black when I severely messed up, HOW DOES SHE DO IT!?!?

  22. Wha happened to peel porn?….its never there anymore

  23. Btw who is watching in 2017?

  24. When i saw this video,it was 2017 /10 /24 is mear HOLOween!OMG

  25. I always watch the videos upside down so I can actually see the nail art in the right direction lol

  26. I swear, she looks like phoebe from friends

  27. Candycorn nails
    Step 1!

    Put a shit ton of nail polish on your nails or get DAAAAAAAAAANK WITH HOLO POOOOOOOOWDERRRRRRRR

  28. Ive never celebrated holoween, or Halloween

  29. Wut do u mean I'm going to school for a filed trip I'm in elementary I'm 9?

  30. Omg those holo fangs though ?

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