learn how to do 5 cute and easy, everyday hairstyles for lazy summer days; with twist braids, romantic half-updos, and messy buns. Be sure to LIKE for more tutorials like this! Which hairstyle was your favorite?

In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial video, learn how to create 5 quick & easy everyday hairstyles for short, medium, or long hair lengths, whether your hair is straight, curly, or kinky. All of the heatless hairstyles in this tutorial will take you 5 minutes to do ( at the most 10 minutes for beginners). Great for when you’re running late for school or work. Be sure to favorite this video for back-to-school hairstyles.


Make sure the product has dried on your hair before using your iron! Let me know which of these were your favorite below and don’t forget to SHARE!


  1. I want to get my hair cut short

  2. looking very wonderful

  3. I LOVE ur vids SO MUCH!!!!

  4. I like 1 and 5!!!!! there SO pretty!!!!

  5. i love all your hairstyles as an aspiring hairstylist these have worked very well 🙂

  6. hw to thin my hair
    my hair is so thick

  7. u r truly amazing Tina…I just luv all your hairstyles…

  8. hey all the hair styles are amazing but want to ask a weird question can you please tell the name of song in this video its amazing

  9. +MakeupWearables hairstyles Can u tell me the hair color shades u are wearing in this video?

  10. love your hairstyles !!!

  11. i really cant decide which one I like best. Everyone of them looks awesome. Love ALL your videos.

  12. True Talent!!
    Love your Do's!!
    my only wish would be for a full around veiw after completion…
    and beautiful hair like yours!

  13. Just the fact she said luxury for princess hair intentions I'm already in love! they are amazing!!

  14. OH MY GOD!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The first, third, and last hairstyles are all so amazing! My hair is super super long, (like, 27 inches long!) and all these worked great! I'm a barista and I've been looking for some cuter messy updos for a while, but all I have found wouldn't work with how long and thick my hair is, thank you thank you!

  15. please Tina,Teach me how to arrange hair infield Extensions

  16. Hi ,. I've just come across your vids ,-don't know how?,. But, Thanks for sharing, . Thanks for the tutorials!, Great stuff!! Che xo

  17. The add I saw before this video was so sad and sweet!!??

  18. Hy tina do you have facebook page if you have tell me plzzz

  19. Hi
    I was looking for the video where you talk about what you use for thinning hair but I can't find it :/ would you tell me what video it is or supply the link to it please? Thank you!

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