5 Easy Hair Hacks!

I hope you guys enjoy!

★What I’m Using:★

  • Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease
  • Marianna Bobby Pins
  • Sallys MetaGrip Bobby Pins
  • Sallys MetaGrip Roller Pins
  • Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Illuminate Shampoo

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Shirt: Loft
  • Lips: ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stick in Bossy (new favorite!)


  1. I love the coconut oil hack coconut oil is great for the hair.

  2. I Love your Videos ?
    Greats from Germany! ?

  3. Yaaaaaaassssss! I LOVE Rachel!

  4. The best thing for itchy scalp, i found is head and shoulders anti dandruff shampoo (i had both dandruff and am allergic reaction to hair dye, and al the itchyness was gone after 2 washes)

  5. kayley can u make a workout hairstyle tutorial

  6. Hi Kayley! I love baking soda too, it definitely works on my teeth as a whitening toothpaste (I use it twice a month), but really I'm a bit scared of how my hair will end up. I have very fine hair, so I don't do bleach or anything that could harm them anymore, but I loved that beachy style I used to have once… How much BS do you advise me to add to my shampoo? Thank you very much, and keep going cause your channel is amazing!

  7. You are literally perfect. Features, hair, body, make-up, personality. Pretty much the opposite of me.

  8. Very helpful!! You're so gorgeous and I love these hacks I am going to try them out ASAP!

  9. This was super helpful ?. Love your vids

  10. Do you use coconut oil in the shower or with dry hair or with wet hair?

  11. Thank u soo much for this??❤️

  12. Got you from a rachloves video. Hope I can learn a lot.

  13. You have my same name melissa

  14. that's how I do my body pins because I thought that every body does the way you do it but I guess not

  15. 5:32 scared me a little bit, Your eye just a shock though, your really down to earth and a gr8 hairstylist even if you didn't go to cosmetology school you'd probably will be great at hair and makeup

  16. I heard clarifying shampoo strips color treated hair… is that true?

  17. Where did you get that hat, it is so cute!?!

  18. We have the same name ! Just spelled different

  19. I have a bunch of baby hairs that WONT grow near the temples. I know its due to the constant ponytails i near daily for work. Any ideas?

  20. wich z d lipstick u used in diz video kayley?

  21. Great tips, but could use a great deal of editing with regards to the script.

  22. If you want to skip intro go to 2 min

  23. your amazing…this really helps, you should try makeup hacks or tinder hacks

  24. Oh my God! These hacks were amazing. I finally found someone who is so good at explaining stuff.

  25. she got baking soda she got baking soda ayy

  26. Actually most people shouldn't put any oil for the scalp for all night. Especially if they don't exfoliate their scalp. It might cause fallout of the hair. But thanks for the baking soda tip I haven't tried that 😉

  27. My theatre friends and I used to use the jumbo Bobby pins for wigs, and we called them Robert pins ??

  28. awesome hacks oull try it out

  29. Please speak slower !!! Difficult to hear

  30. i knew about the bobby pin thing before pintrest and all these hacks came out

  31. can you make a video on how to grow your hair

  32. anyone also came from buzzfeed?i just found that you are so talented …

  33. and anyone notice that lipstick smudge on her face for a while…..

  34. im going.to.cosmetology school in Nov!

  35. My name is Kayley too except spelled Kaley

  36. I love you soooooooooo much! I have thick hair and you changed my life!!!!

  37. I have athletics at school in the morning sand I'm tired of going to school with nappy sweaty hair is their anything I can where to athletics that can make my hair look at least close to ok?

  38. I tried that with the coconut oil. And after that my scalp was even more itchier than before

  39. bobby pins are so light on my hairs i cant even feel that they are on my hairs and make my hairs look perfect!!!!?

  40. I do not know why but I had terrible hair after using coconut oil on my hair. I just use it as make up remover since then. On one website I found out that if your hair has enough protein already after using coconut oil it can cause that they look and feel very dry. 🙁 pity

  41. Subbed!!! <3 your hair and your videos are too helpful and entertaining!!!!

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