• ►ULTA Enriched Nail Polish Remover: Here
  • ►OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Original Formula.: Here
  • ►Nail Life Revitalizer Treatment: Here
  • ►100% extra virgin coconut oil: Here


  1. I'm so jealous ?
    I wish my nails were strong and long, my
    Nails are terrible
    They're so bad! they
    Grow a tiny bit then break and peel and I have to constantly cut them since they break so much?

  2. another tip: do not use a water bowl when you get manicures. soaking your nails in water makes them weak. I use keratin gloves when I get manicures done instead. it has made my nails very strong

  3. I use the strengthening polish as base and top coat tooo

  4. I'm a qualified nail technician and I became so allergic to Acrylics and gel polish. Through my heart ache of not being able to have nail enhancements on I had to go bare. Now I wouldn't have my nails any other way. I've grown the nail plate out for a whole year clipping every single part of growth off. Now I use my nail envy cuticle oils and deep oil soaks every week I am super happy to have natural beautiful nails. X

  5. Your nails are pretty! I noticed how pretty ur nails were in one of ur other videos and so I looked to see if u had a video talking about ur nails…and so here I am. Haha! All helpful tips. If u can, try Sally Hansen strengthener. It's cheaper than OPI's nail envy and just as effective. New subie!

  6. The herome nail strenghtener extra strong is amazingggggg, I use it every 2 days and tho it took about 4 months it does make my nails strong and hard afff

  7. i lost my frikin nail strengthener uuuuugggghhhh it make me upset lol

  8. You are so gorgeous! Omg. & I'm watching your makeup videos for inspiration ???

  9. My nails be growing soo long and looking good and then i scratch my thhick dry hair and it tears ?. All the weeks or month go right down the drain because I scratched my dry head JUST ONCE. ONE SIMPLE SILLY MISTAKE

  10. I'm starting a nail journey. It's been 6 weeks since my last cut and they are quite a bit over my fingers now which is the shortest I like them. From the front they look really long as I have long nail beds anyway but I can't wait till new year as they will be at the length I want to maintain ??

  11. Thank you, Kaice!  I am about to have my acrylics taken off.  I know what I am up against once I take them off (weakness etc.). You just provided me with a checklist of items to have on hand before I have them removed!  The one thing I did not know about was the exfoliation!  Great tip, thank you 🙂

  12. This video was very informative!!!

  13. Acrylic doesn't weaken the nail, it's actually your nail technician filing them down so much.

  14. Heyy watching your video just had me thinking I planned on doing my nails for my grad pics and I don't mind doing my natural nails but I'll be leaving to PA on Sunday and coming back the same day of my pictures so I wouldn't have time to do my natural nails now I'm like scared to go get them done at the salon lol I have nice nails I don't want them to break off I don't usually do my nails at the salon this will be my first time

  15. This was so helpful! I'm taking these tips into consideration? thank you! Btw, you are gorgeous and love your makeup ?

  16. does that means I can't use gels either?

  17. Your hair's so cutee! & thanks for the tips!

  18. does oiling your cuticles help with the peeling skin around your fingers lol? My skin is always peeling around my fingers

  19. Another tip, use gloves when you are cleaning or washing the dishes. If your nails are not strong , you should avoid dealing directly with water. My nails grow like crazy, but they are weak and if I don't protect them… bye bye. I always wear at least clear nail polish to protect them and gloves when I have to clean and do the dishes.

  20. girl, you look fucking fabulous with that flower headband, you're totally rocking it

  21. I love the headband girllll yaassss

  22. I have extremely strong and fast growing nails. I'm definitely going to try some of these to keep them from breaking when they get really long.

  23. So true. As soon as I take my acrylics off my real nails are long but they are weak and break. Good tips!

  24. I know some people in the videos I've watched have said that soaking your nails in olive oil help them grow and become stronger, would you agree?

  25. Im gonna start a nail journey Lets See How it Goes

  26. I have naturally long nails but I need them to be stronger. Whenever I'm playing with my hair every now and then a strand gets snagged in my nails. I'm gonna try the OPI strengthener you mentioned because that Sally Hanson polish I use isn't holding.

  27. that nail envy strengthener really does work ?

  28. When you bite your nails and you have to start from nubs lol (I swear nail biting is an addiction). I'm doing these tips though, I want beautiful strong nails. Wish me luck x

  29. I loved this video im going to try to use a scrub for my cuticles because im always pushing the back and taking them off. I used the opi strengthener before and i didnt love it ? Which is weird i love OPI over Essie, and im doing better with the essie grow stronger base coat.

  30. My nails are longer and I don't even do anything.

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