When springtime comes, many people start to think about losing weight – a beach holiday and a new choice of a swimsuit are just around the corner. In the gym, however, a lot of us often focus only on our belly and legs, and for some reason we forget about exercising our arms. This is too bad, as they also should be in good shape.

Six effective exercises for your arms that you can do without the help of a personal trainer. Go on – give them a go!


  1. bt I'm afraid if i got muscles on my arms like boy???

  2. I guess Saturday is the day imma start. Thirty days… alright let's see how this goes. ???

  3. This is the most work out's video where pepole say they will do it and tell the results but never actually do

  4. This is my 1 st day I ll reply u again on 30 th day

  5. Someone may have already pointed this out to you, but that last pose is downward dog pose, not mountain pose.

  6. will it work in 10 days??

  7. Sinks are also good for squats and ballet kicks…start with five , next week ten , and twenty will show difference !?✌️

  8. Standing plank in morning holding on to bathroom sink in morning and kitchen when waiting for microwave or water to boil….also exercise arms while walking 20 minutes on treadmill ! Really works ??

  9. What kind of sugars do I need to replenish them after a workout? I was working out for 40 mins and at nights I was awakening feeling so bad and shaking. I tested my blood sugar and it was 63!!! I'm not diabetic nor do I have any other illness.

  10. OMG! Number 3 & 4 are too difficult

  11. #5 is Downward Facing Dog/Adho Mukha Svanasana – it is not Mountain Pose/Tadasana. Like the video!!!

  12. im trying tomorrow and see u for the result nxtmonth guiz…

  13. love that they use the same picture then photo shop it!

  14. hi bright side. I am trying this exercise from today. I just want to know this doesn't make my arms bulky. I want my arms to be slim. please assure that it will make my arms slim and not bulky/heavy.

  15. Mountain pose is really downward facing dog….mountain pose is to stand upright

  16. I do this and I'll be back after one monht.

  17. really aesa hota h
    I don't believe this but thanks

  18. so I tried this excersize today and instead of side plank I did planks so IMA come back in a month

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