5 Hairstyles for Spring

Here’s a tutorial on 5 hairstyles for spring! I hope you enjoy all these braids!

Spring is my favorite season and I love to go full on feminine with my hair styles during the spring. For this video I have updos, half up half down, pony tail, and a braid. Almost all of these are braided in some way. I think they’re all quick and easy and you can totally do a few of them in just 5 minutes. They’re great for brunch, the beach, shopping, festivals, and even weddings. I hope you love them!

PS If you’re eagle eyed you’ll catch some continuity errors. I’m working with a new camera and the autofocus was not on my side the first time I filmed. I had to re film about 2/3rds of the video, but with a bandaid because I visited the doctor in between. Obviously, I’m a total pro at this ;).


  1. Omg! Did anyone else notice the plaster on Kayley's arm? Kayley, what happened?

    And.. wow! The 2nd hairstyle is so cute! I've tried something like that but I did a French braid not a Dutch braid.
    It turned out so awful… ?
    Your skills are really good !

  2. My hair is so dark! the braids NEVER show up!

  3. Aww! Ur doggie is so adorable! I loved these hairstyles as well ❤️

  4. These hairstyles are absolutely perfect for spring and so beautiful!! You look so amazing with these hairstyles and every day

  5. That feeling thou when you have black hair bcoz you are a filipino and when you do the braids it comes out like nothing and super ugly ???

  6. Ur videos make me regret that I ever cut my hair… ?


  8. show some tutorials for short hair please

  9. sometimes I do this on my ag dolls 😉

  10. U look just like Teddy from hoodlum Charlie

  11. I am so sad I need feathered hair for the first one ?

  12. Great hairstyles! I love what you come up with because I can actually do them, ha ha! And my coworkers don't know how I do it, hee hee! ?

  13. I'm gonna use the braided ponytail tonight. I'm gonna get some pozole.
    <3 love ur videos.

  14. how do you braid your own hair?????? I can but it gets so messy but when she does it its so perfect!!!!!! =O

  15. Hi Kayley!! I am going to a wedding with a country chic dress code in a couple weeks. Any ideas for hairstyles for this??

  16. You are awesome! Thanks for the videos, the style of your videos changed so much from before but the tutorials are still simple and easy to do 😉 Keep it up!

  17. Hi Kaley! You are so talented!! If you have time I would love if you would give me your opinion on my work. I can't wait to see more!

  18. Wish i had thicker hair. 1 of her strands are thicker than my entire hair!

  19. definitely using half up fishtails for school! also I'm in love with all your hairstyle tutorials! thanks a bunch!

  20. Hy Kayley, can you do Summer Hairstyle? I seriously need help XD

  21. You're great! And also a really beautiful girl! Thanx for your tutorials, they're so usefull!

  22. Sooooooo happy I found u thru Sephora I lllllloooovvvveee braiding my hair u have seriously just added like sooo many extra fun looks thank thank you!!!!

  23. need to master on the last one! beach wedding and no hair saloons near…aahhhhgg

  24. do hairstyles for the avengers

  25. good hairstyle but it is not not not not not ……………easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hey I saw tip hero shared this video on Facebook! Yay!!

  27. You look so much like Katie Stevens, I just… I cannot.

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