5 Last-Minute Halloween Nail Art Designs Using Toothpicks!

Need some quick and easy nail art designs for Halloween? This mini guide has you covered! Today we are sharing 5 super quick Halloween nail art designs that can be created just by using toothpicks — that’s right! No fancy nail art tools required. Just a household item 🙂

Which of these 5 designs is your favorite? Let us know!


    CND – I Blanked Out (Base)
    CND – Apricot in the Act
    Essie – Licorice
    CND – I Blanked Out (Base)
    CiatÈ – Dangerous Affair
  • RING
    CND – I Blanked Out (Base)
    CND – Apricot in the Act
    Maybelline – Moka Chic
    CND – Hold on Bright
    Essie – Licorice (Base)
    CND – I Blanked Out
    Essie – Licorice (Base)
    CND – I Blanked Out
  • Non-polish products:
    Brush: 00 Candy from Mitty Burns

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. They are all very cute but I like the polka dot design the best

  2. Lol I'm failing to do this on my right hand

  3. Not really creepy but good for Halloween!

  4. I'm a fan of the pumpkin. I could see where it could also make a cute heart for Valentine's Day, just skip the last 2 steps.

  5. Lovely design I will try this nail art

  6. Love these designs. Nice and simple. I think I'll do the pumpkin for Thanksgiving.
    Only thing that bugged me was how goopy the black polish was.

  7. The first one: ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. I like the spider web for sure..

  9. I feel like this would be faster with just a nail art brush because of all the clean up you had to do

  10. Love them I’m definitely gonna try the spider web and the blood dripping one

  11. ? ? ? ❤ ? ?
    Love, Love, Love.
    They all are Great Nail Designs. I Love the Color Orange so I would have to say the Poka Dot Nail was my Favorite.

  12. IT’S SPOOKY SEASON, Y’ALL!!???????

  13. My favorite one was the polka dot design. It is so cute and fitting to the Halloween season ?

  14. Nail dotting tools and striper brush for spider web nail would have looked better.

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    your awesome!

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