Hey Loves! Hope you enjoy this Wet n Wild Liquid Lipstick Lip Swatch Video! ♡ I believe there’s 13 shades in this collection but I was only able to find 9 of them. Which shade was your favorite!?


Thank you for watching! I love you more than sriracha! xoxo


  1. I think you need to work on how you apply the lipstick in front of the camera because I did not find some of the expressions you made appealing. Just a critic to help you make your videos even better! 🙂

  2. I think your nose highlight is super cute! People get so worked up over nothing! Like, it's makeup… it literally washes right off. But when huge beauty youtubers wear even more highlight than that on their cheekbones it's just "Yasss" "slayyy". Anyways loved this video, you're so cute!

  3. you got a little smudge on your teeth in 4:45 (not trying to be rude)

  4. For the people that are hating on the highlight : THERE ARE NO RULES TO MAKEUP. She does what she wants if she liked the highlight popping on her nose then let her be and stop hating. She didn't ask for you opinions and you guys are literally no one to be telling her what to do so please exit the comment section.

  5. yur lips are beautiful and love this makeup

  6. the way yu apply lipstick is goals

  7. your hightlight is so pretty! just wondering do they draw out your lips or flake quickly?

  8. So beautiful ? every color suits you. I can't pull off the orange color?

  9. Wet n Wild killing the drugstore

  10. Lady, you are so beautiful but blend that highlight please.

  11. Drakes song comes out in the intro

    Me: immediately subscribes

  12. you look so amazing in all of these colors! yeeeuh yeeeuh! love your highlight on ya? bling blang bling! ?

  13. your complexion tho ?? what's your ethnicity?

  14. I love this lipsticks they do come off after an intense dick sucking session though

  15. do you have the makeup tutorial that you use on that video?

  16. i recently bought Give Me Mocha & it is amazing <3

  17. Like si crees que usó mucho iluminador en la nariz y ahora se parece al reno Rodolfo :v


  19. girl the highlight on your nose and cheeks. ah ah Rudolph. not dissing you girl… bit i just kept looking at your nose

  20. I NEED Goth Topic! & I would love to see how Video Vixen looks like!

  21. what highlight is on your nose? love it

  22. U look like "Rudolph the WHITE NOSE reindeer"!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. You're so freaking beautiful! New subbie ?

  24. My pup name is lucky tooo ☺️??

  25. who is the singer of the soundtrack?

  26. to much highlight on your nose!!!

  27. you look good in all colors, I need me a rose velvet one

  28. love you're nose highlight brings out you're cute little nose ?

  29. Your nose highlight is kinda destructing?

  30. highlighter on swole… cute eye though

  31. jeez thats too much makeup, blagh

  32. I have goth topic & give me mocha and I'm loving them so much

  33. I'm surprised no one noticed the bit on her teeth with Gothic topic. But hey it happens right? The colors look really good. I think my wife will love these. She is always saying she "lives for beauty on a budget" items.

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