5-Minute Core Workout For Runners | Class FitSugar

A core workout for runners! Designed for anyone wanting a flat stomach — and strong, sexy back muscles, you only need 5 minutes for this quick video workout that burns so good once you’re done. You’ll strengthen all the muscles around your abdominals, obliques, and spine, leaving you feeling balanced the next time you’re out for a long run.

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  1. i do this stuff every night since my hamstring strain injury. even after it heals and i can run at full speed, i will still do this workout.

  2. great post-run abs and cool down!

  3. wow that was instense! had to pause a few times

  4. im doing cardio but now my legs are getting very strong and my core is staying behind. Since im already working out i was looking for something short. Im a beginner and have no knowledge of exercising. Is this the right way to do it?

  5. i am 100m sprinters can i do this daily

  6. She needed to focus on how to breathe with each exercise…other than that, good video

  7. 2 rounds 45/10 sec move 1st/2nd round
    @Plank & Reach
    @Plank & Side Step
    @Runner's Crunch(Situp with Alt Knee Tuck)
    @Seated Russian Twist
    @Side Plank Lift Hip

  8. I done this for the last three days and I can't wait to run tomorrow ?

  9. How the fuck do you make it seem so easy T_T

  10. I don't run anymore, but i love my core!

  11. Fantastic! Highly recommend to runners.

  12. Inspiring! All of a sudden we feel like going for a run!

  13. annaaaaaa i love you so much!!! i see you and im so inspired..i already lost 10kgs and its all because of you!!continue to rock!! love your workouts so much!!!!

  14. Perfect timing, I was just thinking about finding a core workout for runners yesterday when I was out running! Love how easy these workouts are to follow. Anna continues to be fantastic 🙂

  15. I love this one Anna, could u do one for inch up a breast size exercise ;o) ???

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