5-Minute Flat Abs Yoga Workout | Class FitSugar

Yoga exercises are some of the best to get those abs tight, and today, we have celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber to take us through an abs-scorching sequence.

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  1. can i use my arms to support my head instead of crossin them for the eagle sit-up?

  2. Holy crap it's the Top That! girl from Teen Witch! ???

  3. I did abs workout but really want to get into yoga workout for abs so will definitely try this. The one who is teaching this have a mark in her right hand .I noticed it as i have the same mark on my right hand ; )

  4. This is my favorite add on that i do after my other work out, this extra fivee minutes is one heck of a burn. Thank you 🙂


  6. Do I have to hold my breadth after I twist, or can i breathe normally

  7. The Eagle crunch mini series at the end ?

  8. the lady in pink has (looks)like her pants is backwards

  9. At least…, nice to watch! ?

  10. This only hurt / burned my arms 🙁 I didn't feel anything in my core

  11. Thank you for this, I will probably try it tomorrow 🙂

  12. I love Mandy!! Thank you for this sequence. Any chance to get another longer sequence with her, similar to those in the past, but on a more challenging level?

  13. hard to do when you've got bad wrists.. nobody really makes videos that dont use wrists too much

  14. Over already? I need some more Mandy!

  15. Unrelated question to Popsugar Fitness: Do you have any videos focusing on stretches for the calf muscles? Whenever I walk, run, or otherwise work my leg muscles, they get really tight and remain tight for a few days.

  16. Anna, where did you get those leggings?? They're adorable!

  17. uhhh love so much this !!!

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