5-Minute French BRAID Updo | Easy HAIRSTYLES

In today’s 5-minute, quick and easy, step-by-step French braiding tutorial, I’m going to show you how to French braid on yourself and how to create a beautiful updo with a French braid tuck style.

French plait hairstyles can be done on straight, curly, wavy, natural hair. Yes, it works on layered hair as well. If you do have a lot of layers, I recommend you use a matte wax before braiding your hair. Today’s braid will also work beautifully as a wet-hair hairstyle.

Try this elegant French braid tuck updo for everyday, as a second day hairstyle, casually to school or work, or even to a formal occasion – prom, wedding, homecoming.


  1. yeah , you can just simply say , "do a french brand " and then leave a link in which you had properly told the steps of doing the same.
    one more thing , Tina your hair tutorials are best ❤️

  2. I request you to give me a rply…about my opinion.

  3. Nice idea, this one is so cute

  4. what to do with long hair after braid is done…

  5. YES…Keep calingl out the steps!!

  6. i just luv all u r styles….

  7. I think you should show 2-4 stitches of French braid and than fast forward it……. And this is an beautiful hairstyle……. I'll try it now??

  8. Yes keep calling the steps please

  9. I like that you call out the steps. It makes everything easier. ?

  10. yes! I love it when you call out the steps ! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I know how to do a french braid but I love watching you call out the steps! 😀

  11. I love the fact you call out the steps on the braids,,,lol

  12. Don't change the way you do your tutorials is beautiful I love it it is so easy to understand.

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