5-Minute Full-Body Workout for Lazy People

These 5 simple exercises take less than 5 minutes and can help you get rid of excess weight very quickly! You can give it a try for yourself while watching the video as you do not need any special equipment for this workout. All you need is a bit of self-discipline.


  1. Exercise #2 is veeeery difficult! ?

  2. okay, so how is this for lazy people? I could only do the last one

  3. Just by watching this exercise I am feeling so tired ??????

  4. today I reach a plank record for 15 seconds. I thought I was a master. Are you sure that is for lazy people ?

  5. iwas eating chips while i watch the video

  6. I don't think it's for lazy people at all.

  7. Second exercise very difficult
    Can u help me to do it?

  8. Sounds easy but if you get into it, it sounds pretty difficult.

  9. The 4th ex was almost impossible to do. I felt helpless

  10. Please dont do this for weight loss! Youll be hungrier from doing them and youll burn MAYBE 70 calories. Its better to spend 5 minutes prepping a healthy meal and youll save more calories

  11. Guys watch my weight loss story in my channel

  12. I'm too lazy to finish watching this video. I hate myself lol

  13. Who didn't tried them as he told so and kept on lying in bed?

  14. Grasshoppers the hardest.. Can only get 1 leg up.. 🙁

  15. It doest make me skinny or loose many fats?coz i dont want .. my height is 175 cm and my weight is 60 kg and iam a girl .. am i skinny or this vedio doesnt make me skinny ?? I did many exc.. to get some shape

  16. I had a tough time doing this???

  17. isn't this the guy from how it's made?

  18. I cant believe a drawing is better at doing exercise than me??

  19. Excuse me, is there a link that I can tap in and buy "a bit of self discipline" lol????✋

  20. I found these really difficult as I haven't exercised continually for years plus overweight with a really flabby tummy which is causing me pain.. I'll try again later ?

  21. Hi guys. Great video. But all these are yoga poses from India. Only name changed. Nothing new

  22. Great workout! I have been doing it for a few weeks and have noticed more strength in my body, better posture and tighter abs. It's Super Duper!

  23. all this workout was to hard for us

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