5-Minute Lower-Abs and Obliques Workout | Class FitSugar

Flatten your belly in just 5 minutes with this obliques and lower-abs workout.

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  1. Great workout, short but intense!

  2. Runner's crunch am not getting up??

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  4. 5 minutes … Felt like a thousand years ?

  5. im a guy & this was awesome. my lower abs are on fire.

  6. Another one that I love! yay! This tummy work is awesome, totally beneficial! 🙂

  7. I've seen and done enough workout videos that I can tell just by watching how much each move will hurt. But I really need something for my obliques so def doing this tomorrow (I'm beat today after doing the stand up flat stomach exercise)

  8. I love this workout (and the clothes :-D) and I like it that you can combine it with other 5 or 10-minutes workouts!

  9. I underestimated these moves at first. Wow great workout I really felt it in my lower abs!!

  10. Anna is the best work out instructor! Been watching popsugar fitness work outs for a couple years now. Thank you Popsugar and Anna!

  11. Hi, I hv been doing HIIT n strength training..and my hair has started to fall considerably…Can u please help me on that…as I don't wanna quit these workouts n also don't wanna lose my strands…:(

  12. Please, make more 30/40 minutes cardio with no equipment workout! I love those and i have already done all the ones that you posted! I love them! Thanks! ♥

  13. Hey guys! If your reading this, would be so good if you could do me the kindness by checking my channel out! I started it last week, uploading EVERY Wednesday, about fitness!

  14. I'm 13 nearly 14 and I'm strong on my legs and I'm really muscly there but my arm aren't, I can't do a push up with out it hurting, please can you do a video on that! Thanks:)

  15. Love your liveliness and bright smile!

  16. I love how their clothing matches!! Love that cyan coloured mat and sport bra, and those minty sneakers!! Lol I have an ocean colour obsession ? And also looks like a very nice workout. I will definitely try it out!

  17. Hi Popsugar ! May I know what type/brand of mats been using in this video? Thanks !

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