5 Minute “No Makeup” Makeup | Everyday Natural Makeup Look



  1. OH MY GOSH I legit just saw this girl on Pinterest hahaha hahaha

  2. what kind of dog is that, it's so frickin cuuuuute

  3. Do you happen to know when they will be havi g more of these products in stalk again. Most of the items seem to be sold out. ?

  4. Racheeel, please do a hair tutorial on this AMAZING hair <3

  5. she uses it every day!!!!!then why does it look new huh??

  6. step 1: be fucking gorgeous without makeup

  7. im sorry but i went through the whole video without remembering a single word what yoj said because of the hair of yours wich is literally out of this world it cant get anymore beautiful than that. if the word perfection is to be challenged then your hair is up for it!!!!

  8. this helps if ur at least naturally pretty… which u definitely are!

  9. You remind me of Marina and the Diamonds

  10. your hair wtf! beautiful

  11. when you skin look like this is obviously that your will look good

  12. Dog licking fingers. Product being applied on fingers.
    Me: Oh noh noh noh noh! D: My OCD really hopes you washed those before applying makeup.

  13. wow your hair please do a hair video.

  14. what is this music? I really like it.

  15. you're so mesmerizing i can't even

  16. your hair is beautifullllll loved your makeup too. you go gurrlll

  17. you kind of remind me of grace phipps,, you two kinda have similar facial features ahh soso pretty

  18. Hey, i'm a new subscriber here! I'm not fluent in english but your pronunciation was so good i could easily understand. Keep up your good work! Xoxo

  19. You are so inspirational. I'm coincidentally moving to Brisbane in a month and I hope I get a chance to see you speak on a panel or something to the extent. I love your aura!

  20. 5 minutes? no way, but still enjoying the makeup

  21. I really liked the make up, but the constant pouting was a bit tiring -.-

  22. You look so beautiful! I wonder if you can recommend transparent foundation from other brands (preferably drugstore)?

  23. my everyday quick makeup look still takes me like an hour

  24. your aesthetic is so ughh perfect ?

  25. It's a nice look but definitely not a "No makeup" look

  26. The vibe this video gives. Yass

  27. I mean step one is already be hot af

  28. is it just me.. or are your clothes hangers at 0:32 the most beautiful thing ever (besides you ofc)

  29. this is video is so good to watch… professional edit

  30. girl, i love how you edit your video. Normally when i watched makeup videos i'll speed them up but you make it so aesthetically pleasing to watch so i endup watching this twice in normal speed. Good job!

  31. Do you have face fillers, botox and lip injections?

  32. its like an asian makeup tutorial ^_^


  34. Step 1: be naturally beautiful
    Steo 2: have a nice, clear skin.

  35. omg, you looks like Sydney Carlson <3

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