5-Minute Workout That Replaces High-Intensity Cardio

These 7 simple exercises will take JUST 5 MINUTES of your time and will suit any level of physical condition.


  1. planks are effective if u do it right

  2. Just started today my wait now is 7:9 cant wait to get skinny!

  3. I almost died on the 7th

  4. Gonna do this. Currently weigh 12st and waist is 38 inches. Wish me luck!!!

  5. Hope this will help me get back my flat belly lol. Do you have any vid suggestions for tightening lower belly exercise (after pregnancy)

  6. most of the execises are performed wrong…there is no stabilization in the pelvis and on lower back where it should be neutral not in lordoses position!!!…everybody just sway in the posture which is wrong…and eventually leads to lower back problems….leg shouldn't be higher than glutes, because usually u sway in your lower back creating too much pressure and lower back pain… 95% of people do this wrong way…especially if u are not there with them to correct their posture…

  7. Does it actually work cos if it does I'll start trying

  8. Day 1
    Already started questioning life

  9. I completely fell at the end I swear I was shaking the entire time ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  10. ??‍♀️??‍♀️ I must try

  11. I do these all in my p.e. Class

  12. you need balance to do some of these …

  13. You should increase the time every couple of days. After a month, I was in my 4th minute of the elbow plank. It works, and it is an excellent exercise for your back!

  14. how does this help with back fatties??

  15. But the video is 11 minutes long ?

  16. I couldn't even do plank properly. how will I be able to do elbo and leg raise plank?
    These exercises are for pro I am very weak and obese. Might get myself injured while doing it

  17. Started today. Did it morning and night

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