5 Minutes to Punch & Kick Stress to the Curb

Get ready to punch and kick stress to the curb with this 5-minute workout from Equinox’s The Cut creator Christa DiPaolo.

  • On Christa: Goldsheep tights and Nike shoes

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  1. Man my girl CHRISTA is the bomb and "thank you/your welcome" lol. love love love the kick your butt for five minutes and then the 45 minute one with Kuppa and the girlz. Christa you are awesome!!! I wish you were in Atlanta!

  2. Great 5 minutes stress-free workout!!! Thanks

  3. this is soo effective although only a short session

  4. 4 reps of this workout and it's getting hooot! Thanks

  5. Any new kick boxing sessions with this wonderful girl right here? Another 1 hr kick boxong exercise routine would be great!

  6. I love Christa and all of her workouts here on Popsugar! I do them at least 2 times a week. I feel so refreshed and like I just am amazing workout in! Please, more workouts, Christa! You have made me fall in love with kick boxing and I just can't get enough and you!

  7. more from christa please!!!! love her so much <3

  8. Bring Christa back for another long workout plz! You guys should film more kickboxing workout in general. They are so much fun!

  9. Christa is my fav!! Please more workouts with her!

  10. We need more full workouts with her!!

  11. Dude…….she's like the cutest little thing in the world. 🙂

  12. How can I know what is the perfect weight for me ?

  13. Can you do more kickboxing workouts? They are literally my go-to if I'm busy!

  14. Thank youuu this was so refreshing !! I punched hard !!!

  15. Love it! Christa, where'd you get that top?

  16. Yesss I've been waiting for this! Christina I love ya sooo much and I'd really appreciate more boxing workouts! ????

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