5 MORE Ways To Get Ombre / Gradient Nails!

Ombre and gradient nail art is super popular this year. It looks gorgeous and is really easy to create at home! Here we show you 5 different ways that you can DIY ombre gradient nails. Which look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


  • Essence – Gel base coat
  • OPI – Black Onyx
  • NARS – Milos
  • Ginger & Liz – Chase Me
  • OPI – My Car Has Navy-gation
  • Nails Inc – Berkley Street
  • OPI – My Twin Mimmy
  • LVX – Current
  • Pure Ice – Beware
  • Glam & Glits – Glitter
  • OPI – It’s a Girl!
  • OPI – Suzi Nails New Orleans
  • Essence – Gel Top Coat

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. I tried the fan brush method but had an issue with the dark and light colors mixing. So when I got to the third finger, the light color was completely dominated by the mixture of both colors… but after putting the brush in both water and remover, and drying it, the brush wouldn't hold the polish the same as it did at first.

  2. Is there a substitute for the fan brush? I can't find something like this anywhere

  3. This is so fantastic.. don't always feel like rolling that sponge over nails for gradient effects!?xo

  4. Can fevicol be ok ? for liquid latex anglena???? Plz tell me no

  5. OMG thank u Soo much I love u

  6. we have function on thursday in school so im doing omber nails

  7. Thanks, this is really convenient as i don't have any fancy tools at home to do ombre nails

  8. I have nails the size of a small button srsly

  9. is it okay if you don't have liquid latex??

  10. cool!!! I love the blue ombre

  11. That pink idea was smart! Thanks! ?

  12. I loved the second one agree with me

  13. I love the pink,and yellow and the purple

  14. I love the fan brush and the kitchen sponge approach.

  15. I used a really light sponge (so not a makeup sponge) and used a turquoise and dark blue polish and just put it onto a base coat and finished it with a matte top coat. It looked really cool and reminded me of the ocean

  16. Omg I have the same top coat

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