5 Most Popular Dances Explained Step by Step

How about we do some dancing? In case you’re thinking, I’ll pass on that because, well, I can’t really dance, don’t worry! This video guide can change your life once and for all. This step-by-step guide is so simple that it’ll teach even the clumsiest of people to dance like a pro.


Stand straight, and keep your knees flexible. Start by moving one foot forward. It should be slightly ahead of your back foot. Hold both of your arms away from your body, and slightly bend your elbows. Imagine you’re jogging, and keep your arms just like that. Keep the upper part of your arms closer to your body and the lower part of your arms diagonally out and upward. While twisting, let your arms move naturally with your hip movements.
The signature move of Michael Jackson himself might seem effortless, but it takes quite a lot of practice. Find a smooth and nonstick surface to practice on. Put on some socks — you’ll need to glide across the floor, and those will help. To keep your balance, place your legs around 3” to 6” apart.
As you can guess from its lively and sensual style, salsa has Cuban and Puerto Rican origins. If there’s 2 of you, one partner is the lead and the second follows.
The trick with samba is to catch its rhythm. There should be 3 steps in 2 beats. The step pattern is the following: 1-and-2, 2-and-2, 3-and-4. The “and” step should be a quick step. As you perform the steps, remember to bounce a bit. Lift your feet as if there’s a pencil on the floor that you mustn’t step on. Your knees should be soft and bouncing, and your torso is straight.


  1. No.5 Samba Dance like as typical Nepali west regional style

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