5 Psychological Reasons You Don’t Lose Weight With Diets

5 major psychological barriers that keep us from losing unwanted weight, despite a healthy lifestyle. Matt Traube, a psychotherapist, is convinced that your weight is connected with your self-confidence and sense of security.


  1. Yup I feel all of that vid…

  2. I just eat when I'm stressed which always so that's my main reason other than commitment issues.

  3. What if someone has a thyroid problem? I try not to be lazy when I lose weight, but I'm always sluggish when I do so, my memory is a wreck, and, due to the associated insomnia, I run on 4 hours of sleep in a 10-hour stretch making sure I pass out as soon as I decide to sit or lie down for long periods sometime in the afternoon. It's frustrating!

  4. Medications and ruined lumbar disk.

  5. how to take oat meal and what is it ?

  6. Sorry I attract unwanted attention when I am bigger because I tend to be more curvier

  7. I get hungry after eating..
    is that bad?

  8. I'm normal
    everyone: no ur not!!
    Dr: ??????????

  9. LOL I am naturally slim. I am likely the skinniest in my class. I have never ever been on a diet. What I need, is to eat, and eat, and eat, but the problem is, my stomach is too small to fit a lot of food!

  10. I cannot understand anything you sayed in this video

  11. I actually found another video on this topic not too long ago that might be interesting and helpful.

  12. I REALLY dislike the fact that this channel ONLY focuses on WOMEN when it comes to weight loss.
    Women are not the only victims of weight loss struggle.

  13. If you pay close attention to the thumbnail it’s the same picture just one is darker

  14. Dieting = healthy food + exercise

  15. Yes the pity party gets me,attention..

  16. Ho whant go to school when for breakfast you have panckakes

  17. What is the meaning of this video.

  18. i'm a serurity guard my weight is usefull, i just sit on them and they wound runn a way haha

  19. Awesome video…but I am already slim ?

  20. I have busted my knee and unable to work out much!

  21. Due to a friend, I searched Google for the 4FatLossFast. Com . It’s certainly the best plan and the best deal I’ve actually seen. My sister implemented it and shed 6 pounds. I just began and I’m already lower 5 lbs.?

  22. I know that’s I have big issues with community cause my social skills are able and understand the world ? self esteem also

    This are my physical logic .

  23. To lose weight your need to make permanent diet changes.

  24. what if you hate food and they say it is pulitary

  25. I've managed to lose 45lbs over the past Yr thanks to weight watchers and the gym…. Most of all, DISCIPLINE

  26. This vid is Body Shaming through a vail of psychology. and while there might be a grain of truth to some of the points made this vid is mostly FALSE. I would love to know where they got their research (saying that facetiously because I highly doubt they did any research at all).

  27. yeah. i try a lot but………. huhu…… help me, guys?

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