5 Purple Manicures That Scream Glam And Power

Purple is a color I always get obsessed with. It’s so soft and really easy to find the shade that works for every skin tone out there. If you are searching for new colors to try out, purple should definitely be the answer. Go dark, go matte, go glittery or even shiny. You can’t go wrong either way. Because purple gives out this air of self-confidence and power. Remember the Queen from Snow White’s dress? Exactly.

1.For the warmer months, go with a lighter shade of purple. It looks so good.


Source: We Heart It

2.If you prefer to paint your nails with a darker shade of purple, then go over it with glitters for the accent nail. Wow!


Source: Pinterest

3.You can never lose with an ombre mani mixing all the purples. Seriously though, this is so artistic.


Source: Instagram | @_hannahweir

4.Well, glitter nail polish can be so hard to remove sometimes, but it’s worth a try.


Source: Instagram | @indigo_lune

5.Matte nails never looked this good. This deep purple color is everything!!


What do you guys think? Did you enjoy these amazing designs and ideas for your next nail color? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Source: Pretty Designs