5 Quick Christmas Morning Hairstyles – Hair Tutorial

It’s here! My 5 Quick Christmas morning hairstyles hair tutorial! Here’s how to do these easy hair styles for pictures on Christmas morning (or whatever holiday you celebrate!). Of course, we’ve got quite a lot of braided hairstyles, buns, updos, pigtails, and a half up half down hairstyle. These would be great for every day or school during the year as well!

★What I’m Wearing★

  • PJ Shirt Dress: Target
  • Socks: Target
  • Headband: Forever 21
  • Faux Bangs: The Hair Shop


  1. So wholesome ? exactly what the world needs. Not 45inch wigs and not everything has to be “slayed” Love your channel.??

  2. In Germany we got presents in the Christmas eve not the christmas morning …. It's gonna be weird when i'll move to USA and have to get used on the christmas there ! ?(Idk why i'm telling it to u guys)

  3. is it just me or does Kaley remind u of Bridget mendler sometimes

  4. At some angle you look like emma watson

  5. Hey I just subbed can you sub back

  6. I had to go back quite a bit to find this bad boy- today I'm workin' the first hairstyle in this video. I'm a new subscriber, but I've seen just about all of your videos now Lol… You're fabulous. Thanks so much for all your help!

  7. Omg I did ALL of theese hairstyles and I LOVED THIS (^^)

  8. I love these super cute hairstyles!! Plus, you look really good with bangs ?

  9. Braids and dark hair isn't the best combination lol

  10. i love the 1st one its soooo cute

  11. That's like me in the morning.

  12. You have the most beautiful easy hairstyles! On a side note, you're adorable with bangs.

  13. I LOVE how your hair is cut! I have a similar length to yours and I have a middle parting, and I want my hair to be cut more like yours but my hairdresser never gets it right!? Do you have a video on how you have it cut? I love the little bits that you pull out at the front! xx

  14. You're so pretty and your hair looks like perfect. We just film a video in our YouTube channel, if you want, check it!!!!

  15. blonde hair girls "this half up half down braid is really cute and easy"

    black hair girls "so i did a half up half down cute braid and its really cute im just jk with u guys i cant even see the braid"
    thats my life XD

  16. There is only one problem: this only works for pretty girls

  17. Your even prettier with bangs!! ????

  18. I love that hairband that you wore on the ponytail

  19. what hair cut do you have k.mellisa

  20. oh my, I wish I found your channel before I got tired of my long boring hair and decided to just chopped it off. all I did with it whether normal days or special days was just pony tail… that's fine though, I have 3 dauthers so I'll just do that on their hair…?

  21. What does the little clip do that you put in the pony tail , my hair is just like yours ?

  22. U R SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #blessed

  23. You have such a happy vibe it's contagious. ?

  24. how did you know I love braids?lol

  25. You look like Bridgit Mendler ?

  26. Your videos seriously just gets better and better each time!! Love ❤️

  27. I wish you could just do my hair everyday!?

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