5 Quick Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair! – KayleyMelissa

5 Quick holiday hairstyles for short hair is here! It’s about time for a new short hair tutorial, and I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Can you make a video on short hair and side shave styles?

  2. I liked the one in the middle of the thumbnail♥♥

  3. I appreciate the effort. I’m wondering if you could create more hairstyles that work because someone has short hair, not just regular styles on a short hair wig. Like styles where it would be an advantage to not have two feet of hair to wrap up, or styles that look good close to the scalp, like twisted up do in this video. Just a suggestion, no hate. I think you’re one of the more creative channels and I enjoy your videos very much.

  4. Hi Kayley!!! I love sooo much your video! Can you make a video with all your favorite products and talk about iron that you use, what you prefer?? Please please…
    For example what is the iron that you use in this video?? Thank youuuuuuuu

  5. Anyone else ever feel like your hair is too short for the long hair tutorials and too long for the short hair tutorials? XD
    This video makes me want to chi=op my hair off now, and not wait til spring, that's for sure! Also HELL YES HAIR ACCESSORIES!!!!!! <3

  6. I have SUPER thick hair and I would like to see a tutorial for holiday hairstyles for thick and medium length hair. Thanks so much! I know I’m asking a lot :)))

  7. Love these videos! I used to have short hair and would constantly look for short hair tutorials, but now that I have long hair, they are all I find! I'd love to see videos for looks for long, thick hair because I can never style my hair because the weight of it makes everything fall out.

  8. Thank you! Merci! I love the bun and braids))) very cool

  9. These are so cute! I would have Loved these hairstyles when I had short hair (but considering I make the big chop every year or so I'm sure they'll be useful next holiday season!!)

  10. I am loving the last double twist up do. I'm also loving the velvet dress you're wearing with the hairstyle. Where is it from??

  11. The half up topsy tail one.

  12. Your hairstyles are so easy to recreate!

  13. Could you do a tutorial with hair styles for heavily layered hair?

  14. I loved the updo the best but all of them were very pretty

  15. I went to click on the subscribe button and then realized I already was. lol I didn't recognize you with the shorter hair..lol Does anyone else have issues with removing the clear elastic bands off when undoing the hairstyles? I already have fine thinning hair as it is,, I hate it when I lose so many in the removal of the bands. I don't do the hairstyling often but when I do, you understand. Anyways.. thank you for the tutorial these are cute. and thank you for being a positive energy in the world! Happy Holidays~

  16. Thank you so much for the short hair video I’m in love with them all but especially the braided boho one! ❤️ and thanks for “featuring” my comment ahhh I like am still freaking out ?

  17. If you could make a video of cool hairstyles with front bangs? I can't quite do anything so I just let my hair down all the time, and it gets boring.

  18. Please do a video of these curls and volume it looked really gorgeous and the amount of volume and body is too much then normal

  19. Who else has back pains since we were toddlers?

  20. That red velveteen dress is crazy stunning on you.

  21. The three braids one is brilliant! I’m definitely doing that

  22. So, this is weird and unlikely, but could you do a video on people with shaved sides or undercuts? I have a Mohawk and only a few styles I can do: pompadour, beehive, down, up. I'd love to see your take on working with hair like mine.

  23. You should get a dreadlocks wig and use it for dreadlocks hairstyles. It would be cool. # ProudBraidaholic

  24. Please make a video about hairstyles for layered hair!

  25. Loved the bohemian braid all the way around!

  26. What is the lipstick that you are wearing? Love the color!

  27. I keep on going back to 00:17 just to see the sparrkkllee~~

  28. Hey Kayley! I have a question: I’m doing my sisters hair for prom… I kinda know the beginning of thw hair that she wants but i can’t find a tutorial ? https://pin.it/kdthnngc4ijia2 this is the hairdo can you or anyone in the comments help me? ❤️

  29. Can you make a slick back hair tutorial 🙂

  30. Omg. I just realised you look so much like Britt Robertson 🙂

  31. Could you do some hairstyles for layered hair?

  32. Can we get some hairstyles for dark hair? So many of the cool hairstyles for lighter hair colors are completely lost on my nearly-black hair!

  33. What lipstick are you wearing? ??? And beautiful hairstyles!!

  34. Thank you for these! I'm definitely going to try out the braid tiara 😀

  35. Love the last one but not the hiding the braid part, it's a shame to hide a braid lol

  36. Kayley! Wow! Huge fan of these hairstyles. Tried out the braided crown today b/c I am a huge fan of the “hair headband” look. You shoud do a video on some hairstyles that incorporate a headbandy look, and perhaps some tips for securing? Thanks and love you lots! ?

  37. So, here's the thing. I adore you and your channel, Kayley. And I've been watching you since the beginning. And I have kept quiet for quite some time now but I'd very much like to make a small request. I know that the majority of your viewers want those types of hairstyles. Quick, easy, not time consuming and that can be done in minutes. I get that and I have days where I want that too. But I once loved your channel for your intricate, beautiful, and elegant updos and I have to say that I miss them a lot. Now almost every video has at least three hairstyles in it and always says "quick". Sometimes we even just put an accessory in and call it a hairstyle. I don't mean this in a bad or rude way, I like those too. I'm in med school so I don't have tons of time on my hands either. But I'm also a girl with long hair who is talented at hairstyles and once in a while I'd like to feel special and do a very pretty updo. Do you think it could be possible for you to create something like the "old" hairstyles? Something difficult and really put together, not something that has the word "messy" in it. I know you have to do what most viewers want but I would really really appreciate it if one video could be a little like the old times again.
    I love you ?

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