5 Reasons Your Glutes Aren’t Growing (GLUTE GAINS SECRET!!)

If you are wondering how to grow your glutes, and find that despite your glutes workouts, there seem to be some reasons your glutes aren’t growing, this video is for you. We will share with you 5 reasons your glutes are not growing, our secret to stubborn glutes, and 3 great glute isolation exercises. If you want to know how to make your butt grow this video will show you how.

The first part of this video contains 5 possible reasons your glutes won’t grow. These are glutes workout mistakes that could be getting in your way. The first of the glutes mistakes is not doing any activation exercises. This is an important glutes workout secret that you don’t want to ignore. Another of the reasons your butt is not growing could be if you’re sitting all day. You’ll want to get up periodically and move blood through your legs and glutes.

If you are not doing enough targeted glute work or a glute isolation workout every week, that is another reason why your glutes may not grow. Also, many women think they can hit their glutes heavy and hard without really engaging them. This is just going through the motions, and it’s important to use your mind muscle connection when doing glute workouts. Another glutes mistake women make is only working their glutes in one plane. There are 3 sets of muscles in the glutes, and you’ll want to make sure you hit all 3.

Finally we give you our top 3 glute exercises that form the other part of our secret to glute growth.

5 Reasons Your Glutes Aren’t Growing
1) No Glute Activation
2) Sitting All Day
3) Not Enough Targeted Glute Work
4) Hitting Heavy and Hard Without Engaging
5) Only Working in One Plane (There are 3 Groups!)

3 Top Tips for Glute Growth
1) Isolating Them
2) Feeding Them
3) Hit All 3 Glute Muscles Frequently

1) Single Leg Hip Thrusts
2) Lateral Lunges
3) Bulgarian Split Squat


  1. You know a lot about building the glutes. How come you haven't build your glutes?

  2. Great video! When I do the one legged hip thrust it hurts my back (at home using the couch). Any suggestions would be appreciated! I do the hip thrusts with weight & bench in the gym with no back pain. Am I using poor form or do you think I just need to strengthen my back? Thank you!

  3. Actually – me again – would you have a good progression for pull ups, especially in regards to someone who has had shoulder injuries in the past and has been given the green light to exercise but needs to pay attention to the shoulders. Some people say that inverted rows are a good starting points, others say they are not, can you shed some light on that? And will there be a new XX program at some point? Maybe one based more on strength and a bit less on cardio?

  4. This video was helpful. I suffer from joint pain and I'm over weight. What type of exercises I could do to strength my knees.

  5. Thanks for the excellent and sold information, as usual! Glute activation exercises before heavy squats, deadlifts, glute thrusts, etc. have really made a huge difference for me.

  6. n quinn whatever why are you so miserable??

  7. Uhm, no, you're not growing your glutes with just body weight. You need heavy weights and if your quads or hams take over, put a band over your knees. That'll force the glutes to participate. Also, along with the activation, do a burnout at the end; high rep bridges, kickbacks or whatever works for you.

  8. Let em know girlfriend!!!! Let em know!!!!
    Idk how many times I've seen girls at the gym, doing squats for like the entire time, literally wasting time! No glute activation or nothin….
    Hip bridges make all the difference. I feel like they're a little more effective than hip thrust for me love and hate Bulgarian split squats. They're killer! ?
    Great video! So happy I clicked! I also love doing the single leg hip thrust in a "marching motion" I find it a bitt more "enjoyable" lol thanks so much for sharing these tips!! ❤❤??

  9. Thank you so much
    This is really helpfull for me!
    Ciao from Venice italy

  10. What kind of diet is good after glute workouts? And how many days per week we should do glute workouts?!!!

  11. Great tips… will add to my glute workout… thanks!!:)

  12. My problem isn't the growing of my glutes, it's that I need to shrink em. ??

  13. Your body is my goal. Not bulky just toned to perfection

  14. Great information, thanks

  15. Doggie style is perfect for glute activation!

  16. Why take tips from you?? Your glutes are virtually non existent ?

  17. You are absolutely right. I'll start doing that. I didn't know why squats don't work for me. I have to activate my glutes! I always watch your videos and follow your advises. Thank you very much!!!

  18. Can you please do the bosu ball stretch

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