5 Shirts Every Woman NEEDS In Their Closet NOW!

5 SHIRTS EVERY WOMAN OR GIRL SHOULD HAVE IN THEIR CLOSET NOW!!! Here are 5 shirts that I think are ESSENTIAL in every closet! As usual, I hope you get some style inspiration from this video and learn how to build a solid (shirt/tops) foundation in your wardrobe. Everything is linked down below! 🙂

  • JEWELRY I’M WEARING – *Use code SHEA to save 10% on your order & get free US Shipping!* Stephanie Necklace (seriously amazing): Here
  • Cora Necklace: Here
  • Miranda Frye website: Here
  • SHIRT #1 (mine is XS): Here
  • SHIRT #2 (mine is beige in XXS): Here
  • SHIRT #3 (mine is XXS): Here
  • SHIRT #4 (very similar…probably better): Here
  • SHIRT #5 (mine are XS and S): Here or Here (sale)


  • Jean Jacket: Here
  • Military Jacket (similar): Here
  • Scarf (similar): Here
  • White Vest: Here


  1. another video you were against turtle necks. ?

  2. I need more of these videos!!! ? SUCH cute outfits!

  3. Hello Shea I adore all the pieces that you've shown us I pretty much have all those pieces that you have but you took it to the next level and I appreciate you teaching us to look our best I love all your basic pieces. Keep the videos going

  4. Hi I really like your videos. Your tips are great. What is the #4 brand name please.

  5. I've very much enjoyed this video love you so much girl awesome job awesome tips and I love the clothes thanks so much for sharing

  6. You are very confident baby & Alot of knowledge amen

  7. This style say rich or want be white girl. It's not bad I plan on looking for striped shirt.

  8. Thank God I'm live in Italy after some outifs I saw I was shooked ?


  10. How do you keep your stripped white shirts so white??!?!? I can’t never ??‍♀️

  11. This is the first video on U tube bout clothes I liked

  12. Hi Shea. The link to the uniqlo basic shirt no longer works. Is it the Rayon Skipper Collar Long Sleeve Blouse? Thank you!!

  13. Everything I own is from Uniqlo and Dorothy Perkins. Looks good, fits like glove and value for money!

  14. I love the video. LIng liveto turtlenecks!

  15. sorry but half tucked in front shirt looks like someone can't make up their minds….if you're thinnish, TUCK IT ALL IN and be proud..if you're not (like me) don't tuck at all and be proud…
    but these are cool videos Shey

  16. I liked your Uni Clo top but….I will never buy again from an Asian country and Uni Clo is Japanese. I don't like the way the Asians treat their dogs…and I can't say anything more on your cool channel about that (it wouldn't be nice)

  17. I just love ya girl…I'm not lover of turtle necks…
    Just saw it on you looks really sexy on you… I don't like to be constructed but now thinking of getting one

  18. Hola!!! Me encantó tu video. Sos muy elegante y linda. Gracias por tus consejos. Muy linda ropa. Saludos desde Argentina

  19. I especially like the dark blue blouse. Love your videos.

  20. ripped jeans really stupid and ridiculous! everyone wear this massa COPY each other production and thinks " oooo i am so exlusive.. plaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

  21. I have all of these shirts! I never thought about putting a denim shirt under a sweater though!

  22. It was a great tips for me. thanks.

  23. uniqlo is not that great quality, you have to be careful and also be sure to wash as delicates, and I would only tumble dry it to finish off after line drying. but how funny, that first top you have i bought in khaki, didn't see navy. my 2 uniqlo turtlenecks ended up with holes in them in the first 6 months, but i think turtlenecks make you look fat if you're heading that way, so it's only good for thinner ppl.

  24. OMG!I think you are the best great ideals

  25. the first shirt looks like the one my teacher would wear

  26. Are some of these styles not the best for larger busted women?

  27. You totally sold the 1st shirt! LOL I LOVE turtlenecks lol they are sexy

  28. Turtlenecks are nice on people like you, but people like me with a very round face will look chubby, which is not exactly the look I'm going for.

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