1. Bleeding gums cold also mean you have periodontal disease!!!

  2. This video tells you to 'eat more meat, eat more meat' however it doesn't tell you that eating meat can cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc. I turned off this video as you can find vitamins in lots of plant-based foods, which are much healthier.

  3. Problem is i take vitamins but still have dry hair


    hahaha this video is a joke

  5. How sad as it that as a society we don't know about anything outside of meat for vitamin sources except one of these issues.

  6. Prenatal vitamins and veggies

  7. That Eddie Murphy part had laughing ?

  8. where can i get iodine ?

  9. I have dry hair,puffy eyes, i dont eat vegetables often.

  10. i found all signs in myself ?

  11. Not all of your veiwers are white you know

  12. Thanks so much about this video

  13. Love these helpful videos!!

  14. I eon’t eat fruit at all. I only drink orange juice, but that isn’t that often. But I don’t have anything they have said in this videoøø

  15. If I take multivitamin tablet,is it ok? I have these all? But I cannot get the healthy diet in my current city.please reply

  16. U didnt need to add those scary clips. Thumpsdown for that.

  17. I think this is happening since I became vegetarian

  18. Thanks for this video, it was helpful

  19. ⏫ ➖➖➖➖➖➖I'm DEAD .↔↔↔↔↔?⚉☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☱☱☱☰☰☱☱☷☱☱♺♺☷☱☷☷☷♺♺♺♺♺♺☷♻☰☰☰☱☱

  20. Please don’t take vitamin b12 pills without seeing a docter!! I took them and got more dizzier and tired, turned out i had too much vitamin b12!

  21. Do I'm the only one who have all the signs?

  22. Simple is that, Eat everything and Stay healthy :))♥

  23. Me and my friend have the last thing u said

  24. While i was watching this video… i was looking into the mirror every now and then and i found out that I lack everything…

  25. Which multivitamin is good then

  26. how about BLACK SKIN and BROWN SKIN???

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  28. Lol at these vegans, just take the supplements silly. B 12, iron vitamins/pills instead of flesh..

  29. Uh…. what about non meat eaters and B12? The only reason the animals have it is because of what the animals eat from the ground…. Lol. Should have mentioned that, or maybe you do not even know enough about the facts. B12 is abundant in plant foods, too. Just sayin’.

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