5 STEPS To Finding Your OWN STYLE!


  1. I know my sense of style, it's involves basics, blazers, button ups and just classic. The only problem is is that I am 14 and I can not wear that style to school and even out of school because of my age. It is so frustrating because I can't wear what I love due to my age.

  2. Yes please do a body shape video! I think Im the full hour glass?

  3. Her make up is so perfect….lv hr

  4. I love your video which is full of useful tips :0 That is all I want to know 🙂 Thanks so much !!

  5. Sheaaa I love u❣️❣️?? lots of love from Armenia??

  6. I go for comfort most of the time 'cause of the weather, the places I have to be around but I actually don't care being in pain or spending too much for style.
    And the only neutrals I like are black and white so I'm definitely a colors person.

    Thanks for the video!!

  7. Really happy i stumpled into your channel

  8. Which video talks about face cupping and the demoblading. I watched it yesterday and now can't find it.

  9. In my country Zara is expensive AF…

  10. I go from skirts and cute tops to jeans plaid and denim jackets

  11. I totally gravitate toward… everything haha… I love neutrals, I love lots of color… I love retro… I love classic… so funny. I will try to figure out what I love most!

  12. Can't agree more on " you get what you pay"

  13. I’m the type of person that wants to be all cutesy in floral skirts and frilly dresses… but all I ever end up wearing are jeans and t-shirts

  14. Anything that looks flattering, I like. Very diverse, so many clothes, hard to get to them all.

  15. Can you do a more detailed video of tip one with several different outfit examples?

  16. Hey Shea, that’s a wonderful video!
    What’s the lipstick shade you have put on? It is beautiful on you

  17. The white sweater and necklaces together looks so good on you! Love it looks! Just curious what did you wear for pan and shoes? Thank you so much love your videos

  18. Simple, Style, Neutrals, Hourglass and Invest in Handbags! ?❤

  19. Hi!! I love your videos ? I’m from Paraguay (south america) Saludos!!

  20. I can see myself to you i like only neutrals i love shoes and bags but i can wear cheaper Brand clothes

  21. Love love love your videos!!!!!!!!

  22. When you talk about cheaper clothes don’t you think about how they are made and about ethical shops?

  23. I would love if you made a video about body shape and also about face shape and what kind of hairstyles, make up and eyebrows that is preferably for each shape. ?

  24. The Pinterest tip really worked! I found out I like posh girly and girly baddie styles

  25. You are so nice and helpful..thanx???✨

  26. I love your videos ! They are very helpful 🙂 Please keep making more :*

  27. i love skirts and dresses but i never wear them. Should i buy sth only cause it fits my body shape but i will almost never wear? I also know i should wear high heels more often but as i dont know how to walk w them i avoid them hehe

  28. Can you please do a video on body shapes and what would flatter each one

  29. This video made me realize that I spend to much on trendy Items that I don't actually wear. The tip about deciding if comfort or style is more important was great. Now if I'm in the changing room and the item of clothing looks good but feels scratchy on the skin or is a it tight in the tummy, so not comfy, I'm going to put it back or go one size up. Thanks for the great tips.

  30. I just wanted to say that you are super cute! Im listening to you and just love your personality. You are so down to earth. Good to have you on the Tube!!!

  31. That sweater looks so comfy! ?

  32. My style is "Uniqlo girl". LOL

  33. thru the years i have bought so many uncomfortable shoes. now at 42 im realizing im in the comfortable category mostly when it comes to shoes.

  34. Can you link your Pinterest style so we can follow it? Thank you.

  35. Lol my instinct is to dress like an immature 16 yr old stoner but its just not me anymore cuz i wanna dress like a grown folk like u know classy . hell yeah. But i dont wanna dress completely mature either i wanna be a balance of fun yet stylish . hell yeah.

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