5 Steps To Grow Long Nails FAST!

5 Steps To Growing Long, Strong, and Beautiful Nails! In today’s video, Juli will be sharing the steps she takes to grow her nails fast! If you’re struggling to grow out your nails long, then these tips are for you! We hope you enjoy XO


  • Nail Polish Remover
  • GERmanikure ‘Crystal Glass Nail File’
  • Fine Grit Emery Board
  • 4-Way Buffing Block
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pretty Woman ‘Cuticle Oil’
  • KBShimmer ‘Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream’
  • Mosi Mei ‘Base Coat
  • Basic Rubber Gloves

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. What a beautiful hands lovely

  2. I GIVE UP I've tried moisturizing every single day, garlic treatments and every treatment everyday, painted my nails everyday for protection, have strong nails and done everything on this list !!! my nails WONT grow I give up I'm going back to acrylics.

  3. My pointer finger nail is in a shape of a circle and I want it to be like a square shape like yours and when I file it in one direction it never looks good

  4. How long are you supposed to wait before painting nails again? I take off my polish but never know when it's safe to repaint. Please tell me :)!!!!

  5. Stop bitting your nails because many people have this habits of bitting there nails

  6. You wanna know who is beautiful just the way they are? Read the first word.???

  7. You and me want to know who the most beautiful person in the world is

    Read the 3rd word

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