These are my 5 style tips and tricks that can transform your style and make your life so much easier! I hope you enjoy these 5 style secrets!! Do you have any style secrets to share??


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  1. Congrats to Makayla, Diana and Ashley for winning this giveaway!!! They've all been contacted via Instagram!!❤️?

  2. I subbed because of tip #3 I never thought of that. It helped me. Thanks. Btw this is not the first video of you I've seen and I like the tips a lot

  3. Here in Hongkong woman wear everything loose

  4. Your videos have gave me so much inspiration thank you

  5. Omg 3rd one is such a good idea thanks ?

  6. I love your earrings but I can never see them cause ur hairs in the way.

  7. Can someone help me with Instagram stylist to follow. I’m still dressing like an old lady lol

  8. You r so cute its trend to wear a lot of necklaces don't care for what they said

  9. Sure i would like to get a chance to wear from these jewellery .giveaway woa

  10. i'm not really into fashion lol i just need these kind of videos because i feel like my style is so bad

  11. How about some style secrets for women over 50-55-60! Form-fitting won't work!

  12. One more thing to add to the style emergency kit is a anti-friction or anti blister role on ( it comes in band aid brand ) that prevents feet from getting blisters when your shoes rubs against your skin. That has helped me to be able to actually wear some of my nice shoes as oppose to keep them as a decor in my closet.

  13. Bitch cut the jewellery crap tf,

  14. That phone photo idea is brilliant

  15. Loved the start: lost me at 2:55 regarding Jewellery: a quick plug sure but it was ill placed and too long.

  16. You speak very clearly and slow enough that someone who doesn't know english very well can watch this and understand what you're talking about 🙂 Grettings from Poland ❤

  17. what is your opinion on mixing silver and gold accesorizes?

  18. put a copy of your car key in your emergency pouch.

  19. well, in europe we think of proportions, equal proportions…'cause one loose part we use on our body can make us look baggy and fatter in that part, so the proportion is gone….anyhow, thank you…nice work in general !

  20. Please only tell tips and don't talk too much. 🙁

  21. The 3rd and 4th tips are so good!! I already do the 4th tip, I love doing it. But my sleeves always keep falling down so I will definitely try folding it like you suggested. Thank you for the tips!

  22. The audio is much better!

  23. Nice personal touch to your videos:)

  24. I’m a new follower!! Just wanna day that I love your hair color as a brunette ??????

  25. I would add blotting papers to that little kit 🙂

  26. Seems like a little sponsorship coming on

  27. I like the idea of making fotos.thanks

  28. New to your channel & obsessed! Sad I missed the giveaway.

  29. Just now saw this video 6 months later.. damn! Can you PLEASE do another secret giveaway?! ive been wanting mirande frye for months!

  30. I think your style tips are wonderful! I live right outside of St. Louis Mo. and you would think that being in or near a major metropolitan area that the women would be on point with their style choices, but it's not always the case. I have a friend who recently put on a lot of weight and she has no idea how to dress for it! I'm trying to help her without hurting her pride. Wish me luck! I do have a suggestion for you. I have no intention of being rude so please don't take it that way. This is a pet peeve of mine and I hear it a lot lately. When you were talking about your bags at the end, you said; "These ones". Would it not sound better to say, one of these? Just an observation. You are a very proper young lady and proper English should definitely be a focus as well. I truly do enjoy your fashion tips! Thanks!

  31. arrived 7 months late for the giveaway lol

  32. Shae, I know that you're 5'5" but how much is your weight? You look sooooo good! And yes, you're so pretty too! 🙂 I am new but I've been watching your videos these past few days and subscribe 🙂

  33. Smart Closet app! I rely on that thing so much!

  34. That's JUST what I do,. Shea. I'll look at catalogs like Wrap of London, Sundance or Poetry and see what I already have in my closet. I tear out the pages and insert them in a see through folder. Will think about putting outfits together already laid out and take a photo of them. Must be kind of time consuming, but fun!
    AND the arm sleeves continuously falling down. Boy is that annoying!! The two folding I've discovered.

  35. Hi shea, I dont know if u read this, I wanna add my opinion too. I really like your tips but I have to agree with lots of ppl here that there is too much advertising which will affect u negatively in the long term aaand also u can talk more to the point/ a little less. Other than that, I love your videos. Please if u read it, take it as a feedback u might use ❤️??

  36. I love your tuck and roll tips

  37. The way you put your jewelry together is ugly sorry…

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