5 Summer Fruit Nail Art Designs!

Hi guys! In today’s DIY nail art tutorial, I’ll be showing you a quick summer guide to creating a bunch of different fruit nail art designs. You can choose to wear one or two of them as accent nails, or you can combine them all together like I’ve done to create an ultimate fruit manicure that’s super colorful, bright, and FUN! 🙂

Love you guys so much XOXO


  1. what thing you use for making dots ?????

  2. its kind of annoying when you put your hand in front of your nail. I cannot see when you do this.

  3. i love your designs awesome!!!!

  4. I l❤ve the watermelon and the strawberry

  5. KAWWI WATERMELON ? OR KAWWI KIKI …. BOTH. if I had to choose between the watermelon and the kiwi I would certainly choose .. kiwi.

  6. I loved all of them you are the best ???

  7. ????? Cutepolish!!!
    Love you Sandee..
    and the whole team now.
    You Ladies Rock!?

  8. These would look amazing matte!!

  9. I love the watermelon one and strawberry

  10. My favorite is the lemon nail!!!!

  11. my favorite is the watermelon

  12. I like everything except for dragonfruit im sorry but it just looked wierd

  13. I like watermelon? and strawberry?

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