5 Things To Consider Before Coloring Your Hair


  • ►MY COLOR STYLIST: Kara Williams @haircolorkilla (IG) ❤
  • ►LIFTER USED: Redkin Blue Oil Lightener
  • ►COLORS: Creme Of Nature “Red Hot Burgundy”( on the roots) and “Vivid Red” (on the ends)



  1. I apologize for the sound! They are working on our air conditioners so this sound is throughout the whole building right now it’s not just this room. Hopefully you still enjoyed!

  2. I colored my hair some months ago have experience these things ? but my hair do get dry fast

  3. Thank you sooo much for this video! I love your CWK series, esp. because you always sound so educated and informed on the topics of the video! i've been contemplating dying my hair a burgundy/deep purple color for so long but I was always afraid of how my hair would respond/if it would fall out.

  4. I’m thinking about dying my hair so this much needed

  5. Im still kinda scared to color my hair but I want to sooo bad

  6. I wish I saw this before I coloured my hair. I have colored 3 times now and didn’t do any protein treatment or moisturize ???. I hope it isn’t too late for my hair

  7. I go back and forward on coloring ever time I see this color on you ? ?

  8. Are you still using the same products, now that you colored your hair?

  9. I’ve been thinking about coloring my hair a long time…I rather you be in your room filming…there’s too much echoes…

  10. Your hair color is so beautiful . I wish I had the time to keep up with my hair when I did first dyed it changed my hair an I had dark hair going to blonde lol it was not cute lol I didn't know what I was doing YouTube wasn't as diverse as is it now. Glad we have more information on it now

  11. your tattoo is really pretty ?

  12. I love this video because I continuously say I want to color my hair but my hair doesn’t take type of extra manipulation

  13. This info is soooo true!! I can not stress it enough.?

  14. You are KILLING that cut and color girl

  15. cam you post a video on different hairstyles for you length of hair. like the one you have in this video and a pineapple

  16. I’ve never colored my hair before but I️ would love to! I’m super nervous about it though

  17. I’m getting my hair colored and this was super helpful! Sometimes you need color to switch it up, loveeee your hair color on you though ❤️

  18. I've finally found my true hair twin! I just subscribed and I'm on the journey of wearing my natural hair out more and keeping it healthy! Will watch your videos…glad I found your channel!

  19. Can you show us how you did your hair????

  20. I still watched even tho I don't plan on coloring my hair lol. I just like hearing your tips on stuff

  21. I want to color my hair this shade of red but i dyed it black a few months ago so ik my hair gon' be acting up if i try ?

  22. I love your videos! Very informative and thorough!

  23. So basically I shouldn't get my hair colored. Thanks for the info and advice

  24. I'll probably color my hair when i no longer care about it. As of now, it's too much of a risk. I'll live vicariously through you.

  25. Good, sound advice! Knowing what I know about my fine textured hair and my history with chemical treatments (relaxers), I will not be cooling my hair.

  26. Thanks for the tips. That colour suits u

  27. Henna is not all that natural people-I am alerting you now! Henna can leave a film over your hair, so if your hair has already been dyed with henna and your thinking about dying -seek professional advice first because you could burn your hair off. Henna foes have its benefits but remember the cons guys

  28. Don’t really like set up because of the sound it’s too echo-y but thanks for this video I’m thinking of colouring mine

  29. Kaice how do you get your hair to hang in your face?

  30. Hey Kaice. Love your videos and this series especially. I have turned a lot of my natural sistas on to it. Criticism: the sound on this video made it really hard for me to stay interested. I don't mind the setting but I think if maybe you had a mic that would have made a difference. I just found myself distracted by the sound. THIS IS outta love, no shade, no hate. you asked and that's my honest opinion. I think you are awesome and very encouraging to young black women everywhere. Love your platform and how you choose to use it. So keep up the good work

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